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Fujifilm X100VI review: Blending classic style with modern photographic excellence

Explore the Fujifilm X100VI, where classic design meets modern technology in a compact camera. Discover its enhanced features, exceptional performance, and how it blends tactile controls with cutting-edge capabilities.

The Fujifilm X100VI marks the latest evolution in a series renowned for its seamless blend of innovation, style, and performance. This camera is designed not just as a tool but as a portal to the pure enjoyment of photography, offering both the novice and the seasoned professional a means to explore the essence of visual storytelling. With its classic design and advanced features, the X100VI stays true to its predecessors. It is celebrated for its intuitive usability and engaging while introducing new enhancements that boost your capabilities. Whether you are a seasoned photographer or a passionate enthusiast, the X100VI is designed to inspire, transforming every moment behind the lens into something truly memorable and rewarding.

Exquisitely crafted, the X100VI features a design that merges functionality with aesthetic allure. This model goes beyond capturing images; it is about capturing inspiration, thanks to its versatile hybrid viewfinder and enhanced imaging capabilities that encourage photographers to push the boundaries of their creativity.

Retro-inspired design with weather-resistant build

Fujifilm X100VI review Blending classic style with modern photographic excellence - 1
Fujifilm X100VI review Blending classic style with modern photographic excellence - 3

The Fujifilm X100VI carries on the legacy of its predecessors with a design that exudes classic appeal whilst incorporating modern refinements. The camera body is elegantly crafted with an aluminium top plate, providing a robust feel that signals durability and quality. Machined dials add to the tactile pleasure of using the camera and enhance its vintage aesthetic, making it a visually appealing piece for photographers and collectors. Available in classic Silver and sleek Black finishes, along with a special edition to commemorate Fujifilm's 90th anniversary, the X100VI stands as a unique offering for collectors and long-time fans of the brand.

The dimensions of the X100VI are thoughtfully balanced to maintain the series' characteristic compactness, making it ideal for street and travel photography where bulky gear can be a hindrance. Despite its small size, the camera feels substantial in hand, offering a reassuring weight that stabilises shooting but doesn't tire the user during extended sessions. This model is slightly heavier and deeper than its predecessor, accommodating the newly developed in-body image stabilisation system without compromising the portability that the series is known for.

Fujifilm X100VI review Blending classic style with modern photographic excellence - 5
Fujifilm X100VI review Blending classic style with modern photographic excellence - 7

The X100VI's control layout and button placement have been optimised for ease of use and quick access. The top plate houses dedicated dials for shutter speed, ISO, and exposure compensation, allowing photographers to adjust quickly without diving into the menu system. This direct control mimics the user experience of traditional film cameras, where tactile feedback and immediate response are key. The dials offer just the right amount of resistance, providing a satisfying click with each change and enhancing the overall interaction with the camera.

Fujifilm X100VI review Blending classic style with modern photographic excellence - 8

Further enhancing its usability, the X100VI introduces a two-way tilting LCD screen that remains flush with the camera body when not in use, preserving its sleek profile. This new LCD design is helpful in composing shots at challenging angles, such as shooting from the hip or overhead. The screen tilts upwards and downwards, offering flexibility while maintaining discretion, a key element for candid photography. This design choice reflects Fujifilm's commitment to marrying functionality with style, ensuring that each aspect of the camera serves both practical and aesthetic purposes.

Fujifilm X100VI review Blending classic style with modern photographic excellence - 9

Outstanding photography performance with 40.2MP X-Trans CMOS sensor

The Fujifilm X100VI distinguishes itself with outstanding photography performance, spearheaded by its 40.2-megapixel X-Trans CMOS sensor. This sensor marks a significant upgrade in resolution and image quality, capturing intricate details with precision. The increased resolution is particularly beneficial for large prints with paramount clarity and colour accuracy. Coupled with the new X-Processor 5, the camera delivers faster processing speeds, reducing buffer times and improving the overall responsiveness of the user interface and shooting experience.

Fujifilm X100VI review Blending classic style with modern photographic excellence - 4

In practical use, the X100VI's enhanced autofocus system demonstrates remarkable improvements, featuring AI-driven subject detection that can accurately track and focus on dynamic subjects such as animals, vehicles, and athletes. During a test shoot at a lively street festival, the camera adeptly managed to capture sharply focused images of dancers and performers in motion, showcasing its prowess in handling fast-paced environments. The autofocus was quick to lock on subjects and adjust as they moved across the frame, proving that the X100VI can be a powerful tool for action and sports photography despite its compact size.

The camera's low-light capabilities are further enhanced by its in-body image stabilisation (IBIS) system, which provides up to 6.0 stops of compensation. This feature is invaluable for shooting in dimly lit conditions, such as during evening events or in dark interiors, where maintaining image sharpness can be challenging. In a test at a dimly lit music venue, images shot at slower shutter speeds remained crisp and clear, with noise well-controlled, a testament to the effectiveness of the IBIS and the improved noise reduction algorithms of the X-Processor 5.

Fujifilm X100VI review Blending classic style with modern photographic excellence - 2

Moreover, the optical quality of the fixed 23mm F2 lens, carried over from the X100V, remains a cornerstone of the X100VI's imaging performance. This lens is renowned for its sharpness and clarity, rendering images with beautiful bokeh and excellent separation between subjects and backgrounds. The lens's performance is consistent across various apertures and lighting conditions, maintaining edge-to-edge sharpness that complements the high-resolution sensor perfectly. Whether capturing detailed landscapes or intimate portraits, the lens delivers images that are not only technically impressive but also aesthetically pleasing.

Advanced video performance up to 6.2K at 30p

The Fujifilm X100VI makes significant strides in its videography capabilities, positioning it as a viable option for creators who demand high-quality video in a compact form. The camera offers 6.2K video recording at 30p, which provides filmmakers with high-resolution footage suitable for professional applications. This capability is enhanced by the inclusion of 10-bit colour depth, which allows for greater colour grading flexibility in post-production, ensuring that the footage can be finely tuned to achieve the desired artistic effect.

During an on-the-ground test of filming a short documentary in a dimly lit café, the camera's prowess was evident; the footage was stable and clear, with minimal noise, thanks to the effective in-body stabilisation. Additionally, the two-way tilting LCD screen proved invaluable for capturing low-angle shots and vlogs, enhancing the X100VI's versatility as a video tool. The improved autofocus in video mode, including face and eye detection, remains reliable even in complex scenes, making the X100VI a robust tool for capturing moving subjects and dynamic narratives.

Film simulation: The game changer

Fujifilm X100VI review Blending classic style with modern photographic excellence - 6

One of the most beloved features of the Fujifilm X series is its Film Simulation modes, and the X100VI expands this legacy by introducing new options like REALA ACE, alongside classics like Acros and Classic Chrome. These simulations allow photographers to imbue their digital photos with the character and nuances of traditional film stocks. During a weekend getaway to the countryside, the REALA ACE mode was tested, capturing the lush greenery and vibrant flowers with a soft yet vivid palette that beautifully mimicked the classic film stock. Similarly, the Acros mode provided stunning black-and-white images that felt both timeless and dramatic. These simulations offer not just aesthetic choices but also a creative shorthand, enabling photographers to achieve distinctive looks straight out of the camera, which is perfect for those who prefer to minimise post-processing.

Fujifilm X100VI review Blending classic style with modern photographic excellence - 10
Fujifilm X100VI review Blending classic style with modern photographic excellence - 11

The verdict: Fujifilm X100VI

The Fujifilm X100VI, priced at S$2,499, represents a substantial investment in a camera that masterfully blends classic aesthetics with cutting-edge technology. This latest addition to the X100 series enhances its predecessors with modern features like in-body image stabilisation and a high-resolution 40.2-megapixel sensor, all while maintaining the compact, stylish design beloved by enthusiasts and professionals alike. The tactile controls and intuitive operation evoke the feel of vintage photography, yet accommodate the performance demands of contemporary digital imaging, making it particularly adept at everything from street photography to detailed portraits.

Given its robust build and the unique photographic experience, the X100VI's price is justified, presenting itself not just as a camera but as an investment in Fujifilm's rich photographic heritage. This model is especially appealing with its special edition commemorating Fujifilm's 90th anniversary, adding to its collectable value. Ideal for those who cherish the artistry of photography and the pleasure of using a camera that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is performance-oriented, the Fujifilm X100VI is a superb choice that promises to inspire creativity and deliver stunning image quality.

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