Google’s de-indexing issue has been fully resolved

Google’s de-indexing issue has been fully resolved

On Thursday, Google started to delist many URLs from its search index. According to Search Engine Land, it reported to Google on this issue after the influx of complaints from the SEO community. These complaints resulted from webpages missing from the Google SERP without any reason. As a result, websites’ traffic dropped because these pages were no longer be getting any organic traffic due to this issue.

On Saturday, Google’s John Mueller incorrectly reported that the problem was fixed:

John Mueller and the Search Liaison account on Twitter replied shortly on Sunday regarding this matter:

Also, as stated in the same tweet, It’s confirmed that there’s nothing the site owners can do to get the issue resolved. With that said, if there are high-value pages that you absolutely need to index again, you can always explore the Inspect URL tool.

Using the Inspect URL tool, site owners can get Google to recrawl and reprocess specific pages. The down-side is that it can only process one URL at a time.

Let’s hope for more updates from Google.

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