In brief: Facebook now shows you who uploaded and shared your information for other advertisers to target you

by Smarty
  • Facebook is updating the kinds of information users can see about why they’re viewing a certain ad.
  • The changes to Facebook’s “Why am I seeing this ad?” experience, announced Thursday in a blog post, includes more specific information about why a user is being targeted by an ad with interests and categories.
  • Users will now also be able to see more information about the businesses uploading lists of their information, and the advertisers using those lists to target ads.
  • The new features are introduced as Facebook continues to grapple with its privacy practices and how it uses personal data to display ads.
  • For the first time, Facebook users will be able to see what third-party data brokers and agencies are providing data to Facebook to target personalized ads.
  • On Facebook’s “Your ad preferences” page, users can browse this information, choose ad settings (like turning off ads based on data from outside advertisers and other companies) and hide certain ad topics.

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