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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Intel’s Lunar Lake CPUs are on track

Intel's Lunar Lake CPUs are set for a Q3 2024 release, debunking delay rumours. More details are expected closer to the launch.



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You might have heard rumours that Intel's eagerly awaited Lunar Lake CPUs are delayed. According to a DigiTimes report, these chips' shipments are now scheduled for September, which was initially expected in June. However, Intel has a different story to tell.

When Intel introduced the Lunar Lake CPUs, they indicated a launch window between July and September. The company mentioned that the CPUs would be available before the holiday shopping season. If June had been the initial plan, more details about the processors would likely be available by now. September has always been the intended target.

Intel confirms Q3 launch

I contacted Intel, who confirmed, “Lunar Lake will be available starting in Q3 '24 as noted at Computex—in time for the holiday shopping season.” This statement clarifies that while there isn't a delay, the CPUs are arriving later than competing options from Qualcomm and .

Qualcomm's Snapdragon X Elite chip is already available on , and AMD's Ryzen AI 300 CPUs are expected to be available in July. Although Intel hasn't officially confirmed a September release for Lunar Lake, current speculation suggests this is the most likely timeframe.

Arrival timeframe and competition

Given that the processors are set to arrive in Q3—between July and September—it seems too soon for a July launch. Despite Intel's detailed discussions about the “radical low-power architecture” of Lunar Lake, specifics about the chips are still under wraps. There's no information yet on model numbers or other specifications.

Intel has shared broad performance comparisons to the Snapdragon X Elite and AMD's last-generation CPUs. As we approach the launch, more concrete details about these processors and their capabilities are expected. One crucial aspect still unknown is the power draw of the Lunar Lake CPUs, which will be vital in comparing their efficiency to the new Snapdragon X Elite.

Sneak peeks at devices

Despite the lack of detailed information, some upcoming devices featuring the new generation of chips have been revealed. For instance, MSI is launching a new version of its Claw handheld, utilising a Lunar Lake CPU.

As we near the launch date, more information about these processors will likely become available, shedding light on their performance and features. Until then, stay tuned for updates and further details about Intel's highly anticipated Lunar Lake CPUs.

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