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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

JBL and Garena revolutionise education with game-based learning

Explore how JBL and Garena are transforming education with the innovative JBL Quantum Game Theory programme, merging gaming and learning.



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Breaking the mould of traditional education, JBL, in collaboration with Garena, introduces the JBL Quantum Game Theory programme. This cutting-edge initiative seamlessly integrates gaming into the academic curriculum, offering a novel and interactive learning experience for students in tertiary institutions.

Reinventing educational engagement

Gone are the days when were seen as distractions from study. The JBL Quantum Game Theory programme embodies a new era where gaming becomes a conduit for learning. This initiative has been rolled out in selected tertiary institutions, where JBL and Garena have set up gaming stations complete with high-end headsets and smartphones. This innovative approach is a game-changer in educational engagement, offering students a unique and immersive learning experience.

Mr. Benjamin Tan, Senior Manager of Integrated Marketing APAC at JBL, remarks, “JBL Quantum Game Theory stands at the forefront in gamification in academia. We are shaping the future of learning and redefining student engagement with educational content, fostering a love for learning through the exciting lens of gaming.”

A deep dive into gamified learning

Our visit to ITE College East provided a firsthand look at this groundbreaking programme. Here's the drill: students are grouped and equipped with top-notch JBL gaming headsets. They kick off with a quiz on a specific subject module—Artificial Intelligence, in our case. The student's performance in the quiz directly influences their equipment loadout in the subsequent Call of Duty Mobile match. Better quiz scores lead to better gaming gear.

Post-quiz, the students engage in a custom gaming match to accumulate points. Those scoring the highest earn bragging rights and walk away with exciting prizes such as JBL headsets and the coveted JBL Quantum Pass, which offers discounts on JBL products and in-game perks for Call of Duty Mobile.

The atmosphere during these sessions is electric. Students are learning and actively engaging with the content, discussing quiz answers, and strategising for the game. It's a vibrant departure from traditional classroom settings, demonstrating that learning can be fun and effective.

Expanding the educational horizon

Singapore marks the beginning of the journey of the JBL Quantum Game Theory programme. JBL and Garena plan to expand this initiative to other tertiary institutions within Singapore and eventually to countries like and the Philippines.

This programme signifies a significant leap forward in the field of gamified learning. It promises to make education not just more interactive but genuinely enjoyable. With the potential to reshape the learning landscape, the JBL Quantum Game Theory programme is a development to watch in the coming years.

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