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Wednesday, June 26, 2024


Google’s AI revolutionises the education sector

Google introduces Gemini AI in classrooms globally, enhancing educational tools and ensuring responsible, safe AI use for students and teachers.

Major educational publishers sue Google over pirated textbook promotion

Publishers sue Google for promoting pirated textbooks, raising major copyright and market integrity issues.

Google introduces AI conversation practice for English learners

Google is testing an AI conversational bot for English learners, enabling them to practice speaking through continuous dialogue.

JBL and Garena revolutionise education with game-based learning

Explore how JBL and Garena are transforming education with the innovative JBL Quantum Game Theory programme, merging gaming and learning.

OpenAI takes steps to protect children online

OpenAI establishes a Child Safety team to address concerns over children's use of AI tools and regulations on usage in education.

LG smart TVs unlock limitless entertainment and personal growth with new apps

From education to casual games, art and wellness, LG smart TVs are delivering experiences filled with enjoyment, personal growth and excitement for all.

Smart Nation activities for your child this school holiday

Keep your children entertained and educated this school holiday in Singapore with Smart Nation activities like PlayScape, CityScape, Smart Nation Builder, and free coding lessons.

Disruptive Technology Series: What’s next for the education industry?

It is without a doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has derailed many facets of our lives and with social distancing rules being implemented globally,...