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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

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LinkedIn introduces exciting new features to enhance your job search

LinkedIn introduces new tools for Premium users, including advanced search filters and AI assistance, streamlining the job-seeking process.

Are you on the hunt for your dream job or seeking a career change? Look no further than , the professional networking platform unveiling a slew of new features to make your job search more accessible and efficient. In this article, we'll explore the latest enhancements to help you find the perfect job opportunity, set your preferences, and even use AI to streamline your application process.

Job collections: Your gateway to diverse opportunities

LinkedIn is now introducing “Job Collections,” a feature that simplifies your job search. These collections categorise job listings into various sectors and settings, making it effortless to discover positions aligned with your interests and aspirations.

To access this helpful filtering tool, visit the LinkedIn Jobs tab and click “Explore with Job Collections.” You'll find a selection of collections based on different parameters, such as remote work opportunities, exceptional parental leave policies, or a focus on . Job Collections empower you to explore a broader range of job options, ensuring you never miss out on exciting opportunities.

Tailoring your job hunt with job preferences

LinkedIn is also rolling out the “Job Preferences” filter option. This feature allows you to set specific criteria and elements that matter most to you in a job. These preferences are visible to recruiters, ensuring you receive job recommendations tailored to your desires.

As you browse through job listings on LinkedIn, you'll notice relevant aspects highlighted in green, making it easier than ever to identify roles that align with your preferences. Current preference options include employment type (full-time, part-time, contract), location type (remote, hybrid, on-site), and minimum pay preferences (for U.S. members). LinkedIn plans to expand these options, providing you with even more ways to find your ideal job.

LinkedIn introduces exciting new features to enhance your job search

Expressing your interest in companies

LinkedIn allows you to express your interest in a specific company directly from a job ad. While this feature isn't entirely new, it's now more conveniently accessible, as you can use the button available on every job listing. This streamlined process enables you to mark your interest in a company effortlessly, further enhancing your job-seeking journey.

Premium users enjoy enhanced job search tools

LinkedIn has introduced advanced job search filters for Premium users to highlight more relevant job matches. This empowers Premium members to refine their job search and identify opportunities that align with their career goals and preferences.

Additionally, LinkedIn is testing an AI-powered LinkedIn Premium experience exclusively for Premium users. This innovative tool assists you in assessing whether a particular job is a good fit for you. It even helps you craft an introductory message, streamlining the application process. While some may find AI-generated messages counterintuitive, it can be a time-saving feature that allows you to connect with potential employers more efficiently.

What does the change bring?

LinkedIn's latest additions are a boon for job seekers in 2024. With more people looking to switch careers and pursue their dream jobs, these enhancements make the job search process smoother and more tailored to individual preferences. Whether you're exploring job collections, setting your job preferences, or utilising AI-powered tools, LinkedIn is committed to helping you find the perfect job opportunity.

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Gabriela Gavrailova
Gabriela Gavrailova
Gabriela is a freelance news editor at Tech Edition, where she writes about technology and often does listicles and product reviews. Based in Austria, Gabriela is a person with many and diverse hobbies. If you don't find her reading a book at home or baking something, she will probably be out hiking or taking some classes to learn a new skill.

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