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Tuesday, May 21, 2024


B2B audience targeting: Meta ads as a LinkedIn alternative

Reach ideal B2B customers on Meta Ads for a fraction of LinkedIn's cost. Use these ad creative and targeting strategies.

LinkedIn introduces dynamic UTM parameters for enhanced campaign tracking

LinkedIn's new dynamic UTM parameters can revolutionize your campaign tracking with enhanced privacy and user-friendliness.

LinkedIn levels up: Introducing gaming to the professional world

LinkedIn is merging professional networking with gaming, aiming to enhance user engagement by introducing games and competitive scores.

Unlock your potential: 250 free AI courses on LinkedIn until April 5

LinkedIn offers 250 free AI courses until April 5, helping professionals adapt to the digital landscape’s evolving skill requirements.

LinkedIn is preparing for a major algorithm change to promote enduring content

LinkedIn's upcoming algorithm update and new 'suggested post' feature aim to keep valuable content relevant for longer.

LinkedIn introduces exciting new features to enhance your job search

LinkedIn introduces new tools for Premium users, including advanced search filters and AI assistance, streamlining the job-seeking process.

LinkedIn expands ID verification to more regions through partnership with Persona

LinkedIn partners with Persona to extend ID verification to more regions, enhancing user profile credibility with a simple, free authentication process.

LinkedIn enhances sales navigator with new AI features

Explore LinkedIn's new AI-enhanced features in Sales Navigator, designed to deepen insights into prospects and improve relationship management for marketers.