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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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B2B audience targeting: Meta ads as a LinkedIn alternative

Reach ideal B2B customers on Meta Ads for a fraction of LinkedIn's cost. Use these ad creative and targeting strategies.

Are you looking to reach your ideal B2B customers without breaking the bank? Consider ads as a cost-effective alternative to LinkedIn. With the right ad creative and audience targeting strategies, you can connect with your target audience for a fraction of the cost. LinkedIn ads are notorious for their high costs, making it challenging for many businesses to advertise effectively. However, by leveraging Meta, you can reach a similar B2B audience at significantly lower costs.

To succeed with this approach, you need to have the basics in place. This includes a compelling offer and landing page, a simple campaign structure, strong creativity, and conversion tracking. Approach your advertising as a marketer, not just a media buyer.

While Meta may not offer the same precision targeting as LinkedIn, your B2B audience is still active on these platforms. By presenting them with engaging content, you can capture their attention and drive action.

Simplifying Creative for B2B Lead Generation

In B2B , simplicity often reigns supreme. Unlike consumer-focused ads, where convincing someone to make a call is crucial, B2B audiences are more receptive to straightforward messaging.

You don't need high-production-value videos or elaborate graphics. A simple, well-crafted message can resonate with your target audience and drive results. For example, a good iPhone photo of your product with the right messaging can sometimes outperform a professionally shot studio image. Focus on delivering the right message to the right audience, and you'll see better engagement.

Easy Repurposing for B2B Lead Gen on Meta

Repurposing existing assets for meta ads is often quick and straightforward. By resizing and making a few modifications, you can adapt your content to resonate with your B2B audience.

Consider what matters most to your target audience and how your product or service can improve their lives. Tailor your creativity and copy to address these pain points and showcase the value you offer.

This approach mirrors core B2B marketing strategies, emphasising the importance of understanding your audience and delivering relevant messaging.

Audience Targeting Made Simple

When targeting B2B audiences on Meta, focus on customer lookalikes, lead list lookalikes, interests, and profession-based targeting. While not as detailed as LinkedIn, Meta offers options to target based on where people work, their roles, and the industry.

Image credit: Triple Blossom

Avoid creating multiple ad sets for each targeting option. Instead, stack them into one large audience to simplify your campaign management and attract quality leads.

Testing and optimisation tips

To optimise your B2B lead generation campaigns on Meta, consider the following guidelines:

  • If you're a regional business, target specific locations.
  • Use dedicated landing pages instead of embedded lead forms to improve lead quality.
  • Utilise UTM parameters in your landing page URLs for tracking.
  • Feed lead data back into your CRM for better insights into lead quality and conversions.

New Approaches to B2B Audience Targeting on Meta

Explore new campaign types on Meta, such as tailored campaigns with lead objectives or campaigns with a call objective. These approaches offer different ways to engage with your audience and drive conversions.

Don't hesitate to experiment with meta-ads for B2B lead generation. While LinkedIn may be the go-to platform for B2B advertising, Meta offers a cost-effective alternative that can yield impressive results. Test different strategies, measure your results, and refine your approach to find what works best for your business.

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