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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

LinkedIn introduces new AI tools to enhance job searches

LinkedIn's new AI tools enhance job searches and applications, offering personalised career coaching and expanding LinkedIn Learning with AI courses.



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With Microsoft's substantial investment in AI, it's no wonder that is incorporating more AI features to enrich the user experience. The latest additions, including conversational job search, improved job application assistance, and new LinkedIn Learning tools, are a significant leap forward in how job seekers can leverage AI in their job hunts, promising to streamline the process and increase their chances of success.

Enhanced job search for premium users

LinkedIn Premium subscribers can now access various new job discovery and application tools. These include AI-based feedback on job applications, enhanced cover letter assistance, and conversational queries to find open roles. These tools make the job discovery and application process smoother and more efficient. While many of these enhancements will be beneficial, there are concerns about the implications of using AI to generate cover letters automatically.

While the job application process often relies on standard templates and presentation styles, the use of AI to guide applicants in crafting the right message in the right format can be beneficial. However, there is a potential risk that some applicants might rely too heavily on AI-generated applications, potentially misrepresenting their communication skills or qualifications. This delicate balance between assistance and over-reliance on AI is a challenge that LinkedIn must navigate carefully as it continues to develop these tools.

Personalised career coaching powered by AI

LinkedIn is introducing new AI assistance tools for premium subscribers, including personalised career coaching. Imagine the inspiration of having a one-to-one conversation with an expert in their field on topics like negotiation, well-being, or business strategy. This is now a reality with LinkedIn's pilot programme, which offers practical advice from industry leaders and coaches on LinkedIn Learning, all powered by AI. These responses are trained by experts and aim to blend insights tailored to each learner's unique needs.

While the new AI-powered personalised career coaching service has the potential to provide valuable advice, there are valid concerns about the level of personalisation that AI can truly offer. LinkedIn is confident in its ability to deliver helpful and valuable career advice within certain parameters, but it's important to note that the effectiveness of these AI recommendations will ultimately be determined by user experiences, and there may be limitations to the depth of personalisation AI can achieve.

Expanding LinkedIn Learning with AI Courses

LinkedIn continues to expand its LinkedIn Learning platform, adding up to 60 new weekly courses related to major technological shifts. This includes over 800 courses on AI, covering topics such as building AI literacy and advancing skills in deep learning. Free courses are also being launched to help members build cutting-edge technology skills, including emerging issues like GPT-4.

Additionally, LinkedIn is integrating personalised coaching powered by AI into these learning courses. While these tools can offer significant value, there is a concern that an over-reliance on AI tools on LinkedIn could pose risks for recruiters. As more becomes AI-generated, it may become increasingly difficult for recruiters to assess candidates' true skills and knowledge based on cover letters and resumes alone. This could lead to more HR managers conducting more interviews to find the best candidates, which may introduce inefficiencies in the hiring process.

These advancements are set to enhance opportunities for LinkedIn users, even if they may also present some challenges in the recruitment process. With Microsoft's broader push into AI, LinkedIn is a natural platform to host these innovative tools, ensuring careful development and consideration of user needs.

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