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Monday, June 24, 2024

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LinkedIn unveils AI advancements to boost hiring and learning

LinkedIn's AI-driven Recruiter 2024 and coaching tool on LinkedIn Learning aim to refine recruitment and training, offering a personalised, efficient journey.

LinkedIn, the professional networking giant, has rolled out new AI-driven features to revolutionise the recruitment and employee training landscape.

Bridging the gap in recruitment with Recruiter 2024

LinkedIn's latest venture into is introducing a pilot version of Recruiter 2024, an AI-enhanced tool designed to assist HR teams in hiring processes. The new tool taps into a vast reservoir of internal data on more than 950 million professionals to swiftly generate a list of qualified job candidates beyond the usual suspects. This means recruiters can now describe their ideal candidates in natural language, significantly reducing the time traditionally spent on manual searches.

The AI technology behind Recruiter 2024 further broadens the scope by suggesting additions in terms of locations, skills, and remote work options, enabling a wider talent pool. Unlike traditional methods that often rely heavily on brand-name companies, this tool delves into the insights provided by job candidates concerning their openness to work and interest in companies based on their values. This feature is fresh, moving away from old-fashioned candidate search methods. A new integration named Connect has been unveiled, seamlessly linking Recruiter 2024 with existing candidate relationship management systems.

Personalised coaching via AI on LinkedIn Learning

Besides revolutionising the recruitment domain, LinkedIn is enhancing its Learning platform with an AI-powered coaching tool accessible via a chatbot interface. This new feature provides customised advice based on job titles, career goals, and skills, ensuring users a more tailored learning experience. Initially, this feature is being tested for leadership and management skills with the ambition of extending it to other areas.

The idea is to mimic a career coach who provides real-time advice and tailored content recommendations, thus enriching the learning journey of the individuals. This initiative is part of LinkedIn's broader vision of leveraging artificial intelligence to provide real, tangible benefits to its user base, making professional growth and learning more interactive and personalised.

Looking into the future

The pilot versions of Recruiter 2024 and the AI-powered coaching tool on LinkedIn Learning are initially being tested with a select number of customers. However, the plan is to gradually roll out these features to all Recruiter and Learning Hub customers throughout the year. This move signifies the beginning of LinkedIn's journey into harnessing AI to provide substantial support to HR, learning, and development professionals.

These innovations are expected to streamline the recruitment process and provide a more enriched and personalised learning experience, marking a significant stride in LinkedIn's continuous effort to stay ahead in providing value-added services to its users.

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Nurin Sofia
Nurin Sofia
Nurin Sofia is a news editor at Tech Edition. Her interest is in technology and startups, occasionally crunching news for gaming. Sofia enjoys playing video games, going on bike rides, and gardening when she isn't behind a keyboard.

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