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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

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Microsoft enhances the Edge browser with new features and security updates

Microsoft updates Edge with a new internet speed test and security fixes, enhancing functionality and challenging Chrome's dominance.

Microsoft has recently updated its Edge browser, introducing several enhancements, including a built-in speed test and crucial and stability fixes. This update, detailed in Version 124.0.2478.80, marks a significant enhancement in user tools and safety features.

Notably, the new Edge update revives the internet speed tester, previously removed and now integrated into the browser's sidebar. This tool allows users to quickly assess their upload and download speeds without leaving the browser, although it does open in a separate window for the actual test. Alongside the speed test, the update includes a redesigned world clock, unit converter, translator, dictionary, and calculator, all accessible via the new sidebar feature from the Red Toolbox icon at the top right corner of the browser.

The update also addresses several security vulnerabilities that were brought to light by the user community following previous updates. These fixes are part of Microsoft's ongoing effort to enhance the security framework of its browser, ensuring a safer browsing experience for its users.

While Google Chrome continues to dominate the browser market in terms of user numbers, Microsoft Edge is steadily making strides to challenge its rival. The latest update adds to a growing list of features that differentiate Edge from Chrome, such as lower power consumption and less intensive RAM usage, which are especially noticeable under heavy usage.

Despite being pre-installed on Windows 11, Edge has struggled to become many users' preferred browser. However, Microsoft's continual updates and the addition of practical, user-friendly features could sway more users to consider switching.

Microsoft's consistent updates and the reintroduction of useful features, such as the internet speed test, highlight the company's commitment to improving Edge's functionality and security. These efforts reflect Microsoft's broader strategy to innovate and enhance user satisfaction, potentially increasing Edge's popularity among web users.

As the browser wars continue, Microsoft Edge's latest features not only enhance its functionality but also strengthen its position as a formidable contender in the competitive browser market.

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Emma Job
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