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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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MSI reveals the Claw 8 AI gaming handheld powered by Intel’s Lunar Lake

MSI unveils the Claw 8 AI gaming handheld with Intel’s Lunar Lake, featuring new hardware upgrades and a limited Fallout edition.

MSI recently announced exciting news for enthusiasts. The company is developing the next iteration of its Claw gaming handheld, the Claw 8 AI. This new device will be powered by 's upcoming Core Ultra processors, also known as Lunar Lake.

Advanced features and hardware upgrades

The Claw 8 AI is not just about a powerful processor. It brings several hardware enhancements to elevate your gaming experience. One notable addition is a Thunderbolt 4-supported USB-C port. This new port promises faster data transfer speeds and more versatile connectivity options.

Additionally, MSI has focused on improving the user interface with “enhanced” LB/RB buttons, which are expected to provide better control and a more responsive gaming experience. Battery life is another area for significant improvement. The Claw 8 AI will feature increased battery capacity, ensuring more extended playtime without frequent recharges.

MSI introduces a lighter, wall-mounted charger as another convenience with the Claw 8 AI. This new design aims to make the device more portable and user-friendly, allowing you to charge it quickly wherever you are.

Pricing and release date

MSI has not disclosed the pricing or the exact release date for the Claw 8 AI. However, given the announcement's timing, the device is anticipated to be available in time for the Christmas holiday season. This would make it a perfect gift for gamers looking for the latest handheld gaming technology.

Limited-edition Fallout-themed Claw

In addition to the Claw 8 AI, MSI also revealed a special edition of its current Claw handheld at Computex. This limited edition features a unique Fallout co-branded design, appealing to fans of the iconic post-apocalyptic game series. The design is expected to attract collectors and fans, adding exclusivity to MSI's gaming handheld lineup.

With these announcements, MSI continues to innovate and cater to the needs of modern gamers, providing advanced technology and unique designs that enhance the overall gaming experience.

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