Pearl Abyss introduces the new hero “Gorgath” to Shadow Arena

Pearl Abyss introduces the new hero "Gorgath" to Shadow Arena

Pearl Abyss announced the arrival of a new hero Gorgath in Shadow Arena. Gamers can now experience the new character and blast enemies in a hail of rocks.

The great alchemist Gorgath has the power to command to attack enemies with rocks and gain control of an area. He can hurl rocks from a distance or make them explode to cause damage to nearby enemies. With these skills, players will be able to engage other opponents while maintaining an advantageous distance. On top of this, Gorgath can create random items using the Forbidden Alchemy. Rare items can be obtained depending on the skill level of the Forbidden Alchemy.

The Tier Structure has been revamped by separating Tier Points and Ranking Points. Tier Points will be updated based on the results of each game, determining which Tier placement a gamer receives.

Moreover, the cooldown time of the “Dark Shift” skill will decrease whenever gamers are debuffed by a Crowd Control (CC) skill such as Stiffness and Stun. Gamers will also have Dark Shift available more quickly to them to escape from any situation.

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