Playpark launches MapleStorySEA on Google Play and the App Store!

by Vincent Wee

MapleStory is a free-to-play, 2D, side-scrolling MMORPG from Asiasoft that has been very popular since its inception in 2005. The game first started on the desktop platform and began to gain popularity among the youth within a short period. Millions of players in the region have enjoyed MapleStory including players from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. The game is still going strong today within its community, with over 300,000 followers on Facebook and frequent updates. MapleStory is now going to transit to the mobile platforms to allow its audience to grow and enjoy the game on-the-move.

Over 30,000 players have their wishes granted today, as Playpark launches Pocket MapleStorySEA, the iconic highly-anticipated MMO, on Google Play and the App Store.

Pre-registered players can expect to receive their early bird rewards which include premium currency, a Bunny Plush Cape, and other premium items to kickstart their wonderful adventure. Also, players can form guilds to challenge guild-only dungeons and leverage on powerful guild buffs, which are guild-only features that are enjoyed by players in a guild.

Pocket MapleStorySEA - Multiplayers
Pocket MapleStorySEA - Monsters
Pocket MapleStorySEA - Dungeons
Pocket MapleStorySEA - Gacha

Based on the popular desktop MMORPG, Pocket MapleStorySEA adopts a lot of features from the original MapleStory franchise. The game allows mobile gamers to get the same gaming experience and accessible platformer style as the original title. At the same time, it introduces new, mobile-only features which include Auto mode, a more compact map, and a better user-interface for players to play on-the-go.

The MapleStory franchise has wide appeal with people of all ages. Many of our players have grown up with us. We continue to evolve our products to fit our players’ changing needs.

Sherman Tan (Chairman of Asiasoft)
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