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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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Revolut unveils innovative Mobile Wallets in Singapore

Discover how Revolut's new Mobile Wallets feature in Singapore is transforming the ease and speed of international money transfers.

Revolut, a frontrunner in the fintech sector, has recently announced the launch of its Mobile Wallets function in , marking a significant step forward in the realm of international money transfers. This new feature streamlines sending money abroad, enabling users to execute transactions using just the recipient's ID and an email address or phone number.

Making international transfers simpler

Traditionally, sending money across borders has been a cumbersome process involving manually entering lengthy bank account numbers, SWIFT codes, or IBANs. Revolut's Mobile Wallets function eliminates these steps, offering a more efficient and error-free experience. Transfers are completed in an impressively quick time frame, often less than 20 seconds, reducing common issues like misdirected funds or delays.

Ashley Thomas, Revolut Singapore's Head of Strategy & Operations, shares his excitement about the new service: “We're delighted to launch Mobile Wallets so that Revolut customers can send money in a flash. For many expats, sending money home is a frequent challenge, and providing a service that simplifies this process while being affordable and convenient is crucial.”

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Cost-effective and user-friendly

The cost structure for using Mobile Wallets mirrors that of Revolut's standard bank transfer fees. Standard users incur a fee of 0.4%, premium users are charged 0.2%, and Metal users can enjoy the service without fees.

As an alternative, Revolut offers Instant Transfers, where the money is received directly in the recipient's Revolut account. However, this method incurs an additional charge for transferring the amount to a bank account.

Aiming for global reach

The initial rollout of this service is focused on Bangladesh (bKash) and Kenya (M-Pesa), targeting expatriates who frequently remit money overseas. These countries are prime candidates for Mobile Wallets, especially with Africa's dominant presence in the mobile money sector, which accounted for more than 70% of all such transactions in 2022. This launch brings the convenience of Mobile Wallets to the fingertips of Revolut users in Singapore.

The current range of supported countries is relatively narrow, but there is a strong hope for expansion. Revolut aims to extend its services to more Southeast Asian countries and eventually to larger markets such as the United States and China.

Revolut's introduction of the Mobile Wallets feature in Singapore represents a significant advancement in the fintech industry. By simplifying and expediting the process of international money transfers, it benefits not just expats but also a broader demographic that engages in cross-border transactions. As the service grows and encompasses more regions, it is poised to become a game-changer in international finance.

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Gabriela Gavrailova
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