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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Samsung will discontinue Tizen smartwatch support by September 2025

Samsung will end support for Tizen smartwatches by September 2025, impacting various models and urging users to upgrade.



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In a significant move, has announced it will end support for its Tizen smartwatches by September 2025. This decision, which comes three years after the merger of Wear OS and Tizen, is part of Samsung's strategic shift towards Google's Wear OS platform, aiming to streamline its smartwatch ecosystem and provide users with a more integrated and up-to-date experience.

Termination schedule

A Reddit user, Seaweed_Maximum, shared a screenshot from the Samsung Galaxy Store operations team outlining the timeline for the termination of Tizen support. Here are the key dates:

September 30, 2024: The Samsung Galaxy Store will stop selling paid Tizen Watch content. This is the first step in the phased termination process.

May 31, 2025: New downloads of free Tizen Watch content will no longer be allowed. Core services related to Tizen watches will cease, except for access through the Galaxy Store > Menu > My Apps.

September 30, 2025: Re-downloading of previously purchased Tizen apps will be discontinued. This means users can no longer access any paid or free Tizen content they previously downloaded.

Samsung has also informed developers that they can no longer register new or updated Tizen-based watch apps in the Seller Portal. This announcement is part of a broader notice on the discontinuance of Tizen-based watch app distribution in the Galaxy Store, which will significantly affect the and availability of Tizen apps.

Impact on devices

The end of support for Tizen will affect a range of Samsung devices, including the Samsung Gear series, Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Watch Active 2, and Galaxy Watch 3. However, it's essential to note that this change will not impact wearable devices such as the Galaxy Watch 4 or any newer models, as Samsung switched to Google's Wear OS in 2021. Rest assured, support for your current devices will be available until the transition period, ensuring a smooth and secure user experience.

Time to upgrade

If you're still using any of the affected devices, it's crucial to stay updated. Samsung is expected to unveil new Galaxy Watch 7 models in July, with rumours suggesting one of them could be a premium model designed to compete with the Apple Watch Ultra. Your decision to upgrade is not just about getting a new device, but about staying connected and relevant in the ever-evolving world of wearable technology.

The end of Tizen support marks a notable shift for Samsung, as the company continues to align more closely with Google's Wear OS platform. This move is not just about discontinuing Tizen but about embracing a new era of smartwatches. The transition is likely to streamline Samsung's smartwatch ecosystem and provide users with a more integrated and up-to-date experience, promising a brighter future for Samsung smartwatch users.

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