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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Google may switch to TSMC for future Pixel phone chipsets

Google may switch to TSMC for future Pixel chipsets, potentially improving performance and efficiency and impacting Samsung's ambitions.

Samsung bets on Galaxy AI to drive future smartphone sales

Samsung shifts focus to AI, with Galaxy AI poised to drive future smartphone sales, moving away from traditional hardware upgrades.

Circle to Search may soon offer new features on Google and Samsung phones

Discover the upcoming enhancements to the Circle to Search feature on Samsung and Google devices, including new sharing and editing tools.

Apple loses top spot to Samsung in smartphone market

Apple loses its top spot to Samsung in the smartphone market as iPhone shipments drop, facing stiff competition from Chinese brands.

Best smartphone for 2024: Apple and Samsung, OPPO, Google phones reviewed

Explore the best 2024 smartphones: Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, OnePlus 12R, and OPPO Find N3 Flip. Compare AI capabilities, camera tech, and designs to find your ideal match.

Samsung launches 2024 TV range with cutting-edge AI enhancements

Samsung's 2024 TV lineup featuring advanced AI enhancements for an unparalleled viewing experience, with exclusive pre-order offers.

Samsung gears up for an early Unpacked event, eyeing Olympic timing

Gear up for Samsung's early Galaxy Unpacked event on July 10, coinciding with the Olympics, and get ready for the unveiling many new phones.

Samsung’s Galaxy Ring: A leap into the future of wearables

Delve into Samsung's innovative Galaxy Ring, a wearable that promises to transform health monitoring even at home.