Southeast Asian startups are making it big for themselves on the world stage

Southeast Asia’s startup scene is heating up

Tips from startup recruitment: Experts on how to win the heated fights for tech talent

The tech talent gap is one of the top problems companies worldwide face nowadays

How to launch a startup that will succeed

Starting your own business is always a difficult prospect

How do you differentiate your startup from your competitors?

Being able to accurately place your business in the marketplace is a key step towards securing funding

Women in tech, and the organizations that empower them

A culture reset is needed to change the game for women in tech

Tips to take your startup to the next level

A survey carried out by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics identified that 20 percent of startups fail during the first two years of...

Is your app not getting traffic? Here are tips on how to jumpstart growth

When you've spent an immense amount of time developing what you feel like is an amazing app, but you're not attracting any attention, it...

Why and how you should pick the right Series A investors?

Businesses looking for investors should be as careful about who the investors are, and as the investors are about which companies they choose to...

How to share technical co-founder equity

According to a Business Insider study, a reasonably large number of startups that worth US$1 billion had more than one co-founder. This study's results...

How can you raise your first VC fund?

Raising venture capital for a start-up for the first time seems to be a daunting task. It takes a lot of time to get...

Ultimate guide on technical due diligence for startups

It's no secret that everyone who creates a startup wants to see it as a successful and fast-growing product. However, on the road to...

Female startups changing the world in 2020

One of the significant hallmarks of the first two decades of the 21st century is the evolution and disruption of the business space. Phrases...

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