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Monday, April 22, 2024


An AI-powered health chatbot struggles with accuracy

Explore the challenges and developments of WHO's new AI health assistant, SARAH, which provides health information but may not always be accurate.

GPT-5: A new era in artificial intelligence is on the horizon

Discover the latest on OpenAI's GPT-5, set to redefine AI with autonomous capabilities and enhanced performance.

ChatGPT now reads aloud: A new era of interaction

Discover how OpenAI's latest 'Read Aloud' feature in ChatGPT, available on mobile and soon on the web, revolutionises AI interaction.

OpenAI’s GPT Store gets a major upgrade with user ratings and expanded builder profiles

Learn about the latest enhancements to OpenAI's GPT Store, including new user ratings and expanded builder profiles.

ChatGPT: Veering towards AI disarray?

Discover the intriguing shift in ChatGPT's performance, from coherent and logical responses to a series of bizarre and nonsensical outputs.

Google introduces Gemini 1.5: A leap forward in AI technology

Google's Gemini 1.5 redefines AI with unmatched performance and a vast context window, offering advanced applications.

OpenAI introduces memory feature in ChatGPT

Explore the implications of OpenAI's new memory feature in ChatGPT, enhancing user interaction while emphasising the importance of privacy.

OpenAI launches ChatGPT Team for the workplace

OpenAI's ChatGPT Team offers a novel AI-driven solution for the workplace, boosting productivity and collaboration with advanced features and security.