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Sunday, April 14, 2024


OpenAI introduces a cutting-edge audio tool capable of replicating human voices

OpenAI unveils Voice Engine, an audio tool that accurately replicates human voices, showcasing the potential and ethical considerations of AI advancements.

Elon Musk’s xAI set to launch Grok-1.5, rivalling GPT-4’s prowess

Elon Musk's xAI is launching Grok-1.5, a cutting-edge AI model with enhanced capabilities, set to rival top models like GPT-4 and Claude 3.

Microsoft boosts AI division with Inflection AI team amid OpenAI concerns

Microsoft enhances its AI division by hiring Inflection AI's team, addressing board concerns about OpenAI.

OpenAI stuns with Sora’s latest creation: An elephant made of leaves

OpenAI's Sora is transforming creativity with its AI-generated videos, from leafy elephants to kitten pirates.

Elon Musk throws down the gauntlet: Grok to go open source

In a defiant move against OpenAI, Elon Musk announces open-sourcing Grok, his AI model, in a blend of tech innovation and legal drama.

Inflection AI introduces Inflection-2.5, a formidable rival to GPT-4

Inflection AI's new AI model, Inflection-2.5, challenges the performance of GPT-4, powering the diverse and engaging Pi chatbot.

OpenAI claps back at Musk’s claims with email evidence

OpenAI refutes Elon Musk's allegations using his own emails, showcasing support for its for-profit transition and fundraising efforts.

ChatGPT now reads aloud: A new era of interaction

Discover how OpenAI's latest 'Read Aloud' feature in ChatGPT, available on mobile and soon on the web, revolutionises AI interaction.