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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Virtual Reality

Sony pauses PSVR 2 production amidst unsold stockpile

Sony halts PSVR 2 production to address unsold stock, amid challenges of matching high hardware costs with compelling content.

Sony’s PS VR2 set for PC compatibility by 2024: A game-changer in mixed reality

Sony's PS VR2 is gearing up for a transformative change with PC compatibility by 2024, challenging its console-exclusive nature.

Qualcomm reveals new chip to rival Apple’s Vision Pro

Qualcomm challenges Apple with its Snapdragon XR2+ chip, designed for mixed-reality headsets, promising enhanced performance and user experience.

ByteDance’s VR unit, Pico, faces setbacks and staff reductions

ByteDance's VR unit, Pico, faces staff reductions and strategic shifts amid sluggish sales and challenging market conditions, focusing on hardware and core technology development.

How can VR ease the pressure of high-risk training?

In many professions, training can be quite risky. Is it possible to become a plane pilot without training extensively before? Of course not, but...

Opportunity in adversity: Is this AR/VR’s moment?

Amidst the travel restrictions brought about by the pandemic, a quick scroll through the social media feed would feature countless throwback travel photos from...

Disruptive Technology Series: How technology will eat medicine

Technology is advancing at an accelerating rate. With every progressing leap, the gap between man and machine gets narrower with increased sophistication in artificial...

Disruptive Technology Series: The future of retail

Ever since Singapore entered Phase 2 of its post-lockdown measures, the ensuing result of snaking queues in malls have returned albeit not for the...