The best mice for 2022 Top computer mice to help boost productivity

The best mice for 2022: Top computer mice to help boost productivity

Are you looking for a mouse to help you with your productivity?

Choosing a mouse can be challenging, and many choices can overwhelm you. When you start looking for a mouse, you might see that a bigger part of the options is focused on gaming, but there are still great options that will help boost your productivity. With home office still being so popular, you need to make sure you have all the devices you need to make it as comfortable as possible. 

People who don’t travel a lot can settle for a bigger and heavier mouse that will be more comfortable. Such mice are usually meant for people that spend long hours in front of the computer and help with avoiding any fatigue in the palm. However, you will need a smaller and lighter mouse if you regularly travel around. We picked out options for both cases that you can find below.

Logitech MX Master 3

Weight: 141 g
Interface: USB Type-A dongle, Bluetooth LE, or wired
DPI: 200 to 4000 dpi
Buttons: 7
Wireless connection: Yes
Ergonomic: Right-handed

Logitech MX Master 3 is a fantastic mouse that helps increase your productivity. The design is very comfortable, and the technical specifications are impressive. The DPI can go up to 4 000 which might sound more like a gaming mouse, but this is making it an even more powerful work mouse. The mouse can control up to 3 PCs at the same time.

The 7 buttons can be customized, and you can program them to do different actions for different applications. So, with the option to control a couple of machines and the programmable buttons, you will definitely increase your productivity by a lot. The design is very ergonomic and avoids putting too much pressure on the wrist. 

The Darkfield sensor will guarantee that the mouse will perform great on any surface. This, on top of the long battery life, makes it a perfect mouse even for people who travel and need to work from anywhere. The battery is supposed to last up to 70 days per charging. And the quick charging functionality will grant you 3 hours of work for only 1 minute of charging. 

Lenovo Go Wireless Vertical Mouse

Weight: 96 g
Interface: 2.4GHz wireless
DPI: 800 to 2400 dpi
Buttons: 6
Wireless connection: Yes
Ergonomic: Right-handed

Vertical mice are not for everybody, but you should definitely give them a try. If you want a working mouse with a vertical design, then Lenovo Go Wireless Vertical Mouse is a perfect choice. It is much cheaper than other vertical options but can still help your productivity greatly. The design is very cool — there is a cork side finish that is very creative and comfortable. The 45-degree handshake position of the mouse helps to have a better grip and not feel any pressure on your wrist even after a long working day. 

Lenovo Go Wireless Vertical Mouse has 6 programmable buttons. You can again set different modes and macros depending on the application you will be using. The DPI is also more customizable, and you can switch between 3 specific numbers between 800 and 2400. Switching between modes and DPI speed is possible only with one click. 

The mouse needs only a 1x AA battery to work, which means it will be much lighter than most others that need 2. One battery is supposed to last at least 18 months. The mouse is super comfortable, and the cork finish gives you a sense of luxury.

Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse

The best mice for 2022 - 1

Weight: 91 g
Interface: 2.4GHz wireless
DPI: up to 2400 dpi
Buttons: 5
Wireless connection: Yes
Ergonomic: Right-handed

Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse is another more budget option that is just beautiful. It is available in four fabulous colors — black, glacier, peach, and pastel blue. The design is supposed again to prevent fatigue after prolonged use of the mouse, thanks to the ergonomic form. The max DPI is 2 400, which is more than enough for an excellent work mouse. You can customize it easily, depending on your preferences.  

The mouse has 2 programmable buttons on the left side so that you can choose what actions to be performed. The clickable metal scroll is perfect for people that need to scroll through long documents because its texture is effortless to control. You can connect up to 3 devices at the same time, and you can easily switch between them.

Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse works with 2x AAA batteries, but the mouse’s weight is pretty light even with them. The battery life should be up to 15 months, making it pretty long-lasting. There is a similar wired model, but this is not perfect for people that would like to move or travel with their mouse or just don’t want any cables lying around. 

Razer Pro Click Mini

The best mice for 2022 - 2

Weight: 88 g
Interface: Razer Hyperspeed 2.4GHz wireless, Bluetooth
DPI: up to 12000 dpi
Buttons: 7
Wireless connection: Yes
Ergonomic: Ambidextrous

This is a mouse somewhere between a working mouse and a gaming one. Razer is known to be a brand that develops various gaming peripherals. However, this mouse is very suitable for people who want to use it for work and increase productivity. Compared to other productivity mice, this one has an extremely high DPI of up to 12000. This is why you can also use it for gaming if you want to save some money on a separate mouse. 

Razer Pro Click Mini has 7 programmable buttons. Each button can be set up independently from the others, and you can program different actions for different applications. You can connect the mouse with up to 4 devices at the same time and easily switch between them. The hyperspeed wireless technology guarantees you a great stable connection.

You can choose between working with 1x AA or 2x AA batteries. Depending on how light you would like your mouse to be and how long you would like it to last. With 2 batteries, your mouse will last up to 724 hours with Bluetooth and 465 hours of 2.4GHz connection. 

Microsoft Arc Mouse

The best mice for 2022 - 3

Weight: 82.5 g
Interface: Bluetooth 4.1
DPI: 1000 dpi
Buttons: 2
Wireless connection: Yes
Ergonomic: Ambidextrous

Microsoft Arc Mouse comes in many beautiful colors — black, burgundy, ice blue, light grey, poppy red, sage, lilac, and soft pink. Furthermore, the design is very ergonomic and something you don’t see every day. You might be skeptical when you use the form for the first time but trust us is very comfortable. The design is ambidextrous and suitable for both left and right-handed users. 

The missing scroll and the lack of additional buttons might turn some people down. However, this is not something that will harm your productivity. Quire the opposite for some people this is something that helps them work even better. Simple mice don’t leave you many choices, so you can’t make even an involuntary mistake by clicking the wrong button. 

The mouse uses 2x AAA batteries, which will last around 8 months. The best thing about Microsoft Arc Mouse is that it is very flexible, and you can make the form as you like. So if you use it longer, you can make it flatter or more curved, depending on your preferences. 

There are many great options for work mice that can help you increase your productivity. Try out any of the ones we recommended, and you won’t regret it. 

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