The state of content marketing 2019 [Infographic]

The state of content marketing 2019

Technology is evolving rapidly, and as marketers, this means that you continuously need to be aware of the latest changes, trends and be prepared for change at any minute. Moreover, it’s not just technology that is ever-changing; your audience’s preferences will change as well.

There’s an old saying that content is king. This saying applies to all industries and to all businesses trying to reach and inform their targeted customers. For advertising to succeed, it is crucial to create a pull factor that initially draws them in.

In the pre-digital marketing era, content was entertainment. People didn’t usually enjoy commercials on TV but viewed them because they were attracted by the content that engaged them, such as dramatic TV series, documentaries, or even news broadcasts. In the Internet, content must have a similar value. A value that is not only trying to advertise but to “lure” the targeted audience to view marketing.

When it comes to content marketing in 2019, it’s essential to stay on top of these trends if you aim to make a real impact with your content and get results. The team from Zazzle Media share the important stats you need to know from their recent survey in this infographic.

The state of content marketing 2019 - Infographic
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