Top 5 gaming monitors 2020 in Singapore: 4K, refresh rate, budget, and more!

by Vincent Wee

A good gaming monitor will provide you with the best experience during gaming, just like how GPU is universally lauded as the most important for PC gaming. When it comes to choosing a gaming monitor, there are several factors to consider: budget, resolution, monitor size, refresh rate, and more. 

Your budget will affect the type of monitor that you can afford; a higher budget will get you more features while a lower budget might be more suited for those that are new to gaming. For most gamers, a monitor between 24″ to 27″ works the best for them. 

Picking the best gaming monitor for yourself is an investment in your PC gaming future. That’s why it’s of the utmost importance that you don’t settle for less and should grab one of the best from the market.


Top 5 gaming monitors 2020 in Singapore - ZOWIE XL2546
Image credit: BenQ

This 24.5″ ZOWIE XL2546 gaming monitor is designed and built for gamers, especially those that enjoy playing FPS games professionally. It is the ultimate gaming monitor that makes no compromises. It provides an incredible 240Hz refresh rate with a fast 1ms response time, equipped with ZOWIE’s proprietary “Dynamic Accuracy” (DyAc) technology, which minimizes blurring even further. The XL2546 offers a seamless gaming experience during the fast motion on the screen. The XL-series has been renowned around the world and endorsed by most professional e-Sports tournaments and players. With this, you’ll get the most out of most competitive shooting titles such as PUBG, CS:GO, Overwatch, and even Apex Legends.

ZOWIE XL2546: Ultrafast 24.5″ gaming monitor with 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time

PRISM+ X340 PRO 144Hz

PRISM+ X340 Pro (144Hz) is a slightly-curved gaming monitor with a 1500R curvature and sleek, all-black frames. This ultrawide 34″ monitor comes equipped with AMD Adaptive Freesync technology to provide smooth visuals like never before. It eliminates the problem of screen tearing, choppy screen during fast games or videos, and input latency. With a 21:9 ultrawide aspect ratio, you also get a broader peripheral vision so you can see and do much more on your screen. It also certainly make games look a lot more immersive and cinematic. Similar to the ZOWIE XL2546, the X340 Pro also comes with crazy fast 1ms response time that removes image ghosting interfering and is particularly useful in eSports.

Acer KG251QJ

With a 24.5″ monitor size, Acer KG251QJ has built-in speakers and VESA wall mount support. It has a refresh rate of 144Hz, a response time of 1ms, and integrating with AMD FreeSync Technology, this monitor eliminates screen tearing and stuttering. In addition to this technology, the monitor also has a low blue light filter to protect the users’ eyes during prolonged usage. 

Predator XN253Q X

Top 5 gaming monitors 2020 in Singapore - Predator XN253Q X
Image credit: Acer

The Predator XN253Q X runs at FHD resolution through its native TN (Twisted Nematic Film) panel. While IPS and VA panels offer better viewing angles, TN panel is the go-to screen for the lowest possible response times and the lowest input lag. Competitive gamers often aim for gaming monitors with a high frame rate to have a competitive edge, and this 24.5″ monitor is what they are looking for. Gaming on a super-fast monitor like the XN253Q X is extremely fun. Built-in NVIDIA G-Sync Technology ensures that there were no frame tears at the 240 frames per second (fps).

BenQ EL2870U

Top 5 gaming monitors 2020 in Singapore - BenQ EL2870U
Image credit: BenQ

The BenQ EL2870U is a decent 27.9″ 4K gaming monitor, packed with great gaming features, including AMD FreeSync Technology, a fast 1ms response time, and excellent low input lag. Booting up fast-paced FPS games with the EL2870U offers one of the most vibrant game experiences. The joyous combination of the colors of the HDR and the detailed picture quality provided vivid and enjoyable visuals. 

To top things up, this gaming monitor also has useful daily features if you want to limit eye fatigue with its Brightness Intelligence Plus (BI+) eye-care technology, as well as High Flicker-Free and Low Blue Light technology.

BenQ EL2870U: 4K HDR Gaming Monitor with Eye-care Technology (Recommended for PS4)


Top 5 gaming monitors 2020 in Singapore - ASUS ROG Strix XG27WQ
Image credit: ASUS Singapore

The ASUS ROG Strix XG279Q aims to provide the best gaming experience for speed-seeking players with its 165Hz refresh, AMD FreeSync Premium Pro technology, in a 1ms VA panel. This 27″ curved gaming monitor comes with a 1500R curvature, offering WQHD resolution through a VA panel. The XG279Q is part of ASUS’ ROG Strix line that is gaming-oriented but sits in a more affordable price range than the high-end ROG Swift series. ASUS Extreme Low Motion Blur (ELMB) technology enables a 1ms response time together with Adaptive-sync, eliminating ghosting and tearing for sharp gaming visuals with high frame rates. When ELMB is engaged, motion is glassy smooth, and the gameplay is more fluid and responsive.

To end off…

Choosing the best gaming monitors for your gaming setup is dependent on a lot of factors, such as your budget, the size you want or space you have, the GPU you have, and what kind of balance you desire between resolution and refresh rate. If you are looking to get a new gaming monitor, these options are definitely the ones that you should consider.

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