Top 5 Thai Marketing Videos That Will Make You Cry

by Vincent Wee

Video marketing is becoming more popular as there is an increase in the number of marketers who have been taking regular advantage of it and reaping its real benefits. In fact, this year has been called “The Year of Video Marketing,” as it takes the industry by storm. Businesses are finding new and creative ways to use this medium to reach out to their customers. Videos stand out on social media, giving customers a quick overview of a product without overwhelming them with text. It is also much easier for people to share them on social media with their friends, and friends of friends.

If you want to score a win in video marketing, it is vital that you focus on taking all of the right steps without lowering the value that you are providing to your viewers. It is incredibly important to strike a balance between the video content that you are producing and using that content for marketing purposes.

Sadvertising is the Trend : All the Feels You can Get!

Using emotional storytelling has been the buzz in video marketing. Your story makes you stand out from your competitors, and it is how viewers connect with your brand. In the past, advertising (or videos) has been intelligent, funny, sarcastic, or most of the time serious, but today we are seeing a new trend emerging. Brands are trying their best to make us cry through videos. Most brands either portray families (or parents) in a light that makes you feel nostalgic or sad, or in situations where you can relate to. In many occasions, it is a scenario in which someone (or a person representing the brand) does something good for others. In some cases, when brands fulfill both of these criteria, there is a significant chance that the video will go viral. Emotions are powerful tools in marketing; that is why brands are flocking to embrace this trend.

To help inspire your video marketing efforts, I have rounded up five marketing videos from Thailand that will make you cry. So go ahead, and grab your box of tissue.

The Top 5 Thailand Marketing Videos

The Waiters’ Mom by Bar B Q Plaza

Homeless Blind Truth by Vizer CCTV

My Dad is a Liar by MetLife

Thai Good Stories by Thai Life Insurance

Teacher by 7-Eleven

28/04/19: Updated YouTube video

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