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Thursday, May 30, 2024

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Top 5 web security plugins to secure WordPress

Learn more about the top 5 plugins to use for your WordPress site

The security of your site is very important. Not only for you but for your customers as well. Investing in security measures is the same as investing in insurance. We are always insuring our most valuable positions, and a site is one of them. If you don't take care of its security, you are risking too much. No matter if your site is a blog, online shop, online platform, you need to take the necessary measures to protect it. If you have a WordPress site, keep reading to find out the top 5 web security plugins you should use.

Best WordPress security plugins

WordPress is one of the most used content management systems, and this is making it also one of the most targeted ones. Hackers regularly try to hack WordPress websites and access their data. WordPress is aware of this, and this is why it offers some great plugins to help you keep your website safe. You can secure yourself against attacks, malware deployments, and hackers with a plugin just with a couple of clicks. We prepared for you some details about the top 5 web security plugins you can try out.


Sucuri is an excellent option when it comes to WordPress plugins you can use to secure your site. It is a cloud-based solution that can help you against DDoS attacks, brute force attacks, malware, hackers, and much more. On top of that, they offer a website application firewall. The WAF scans the traffic coming to your site and blocks the suspicious one even before reaching your server. 

The plugin offers a free and paid version. The paid one is just amazing, but even the free one will give you access to everything you need for basic security. Part of the free features is file integrity monitoring, blacklist monitoring, security notifications, and security hardening. The paid version is around $17 per month and offers some additional features and more regular scans. 

Features that make Sucuri great:

  • SSL certificates checks;
  • Scans for spam;
  • Customer service through chat and email;
  • You receive alerts and notifications for any suspicious activity on your website;
  • Zero-day exploitation protection;
  • You can take advantage of CDN to increase your website speed;
  • Regular security audits and more.

Wordfence Security

One of the most popular security plugins for WordPress is Wordfence Security. It is very simple to use but still a potent tool. You will be able to use power futures like security incident recovery. The tool will give you insights into the overall traffic of your site and any attack attempts. 

Wordfence Security has a free version that will also be more than enough for you to cover the basic security of your site. Some of the features included are the firewall blocks, comment spam filter, and much more. The premium version is about $99 per year for one site. If you decide to use it for multiple sites, you will get a discount. 

Features that make Wordfence Security great:

  • Full firewall suite against brute force protection, real-time attacks, country blocking, and more;
  • Scan options for malware, spam, etc.;
  • Live traffic monitoring;
  • Comment spam filter;
  • Notification and alerts for any potential security breaches;
  • Wordfence Security can also protect compatibility with other plugins. 


Jetpack is a plugin packed with so many great functionalities that make it a powerful partner that can help with your security. People from WordPress actually create the plugin. On top of all the security features, you will improve site speed, spam protection, and even social media protection. Similar to the other plugins, it has a free and paid version. 

The free version of Jetpack will allow you to get features such as downtime monitoring and brute force protection. It is compatible with over 100 free WordPress themes, and you can view up to 20 recent activity logs. The stats are a bit basic and show only the overall traffic and revenue. The paid plan is $99 per year and includes features like backups, malware scanning, extensive protection against different types of attacks, and more. And even the higher plan for $299 per year will give you top-notch security. 

Features that make Jetpack great:

  • With the pro version of the plugin, you can have a really powerful protection suite;
  • Regular updates and great support;
  • Downtime monitoring and suspicious activity alerts;
  • It has additional features like email , social media management, SEO features, and much more.

iThemes Security

iThemes Security is an excellent security plugin for WordPress. Keeping hackers away from your site is easy with its help. You will be able to access most of the information like statistics and analysis directly in your WordPress dashboard. The plugin was known before as Better WP Security. There are more than 30 different plan types that you can choose from, making it one of the plugins with the most personalized offerings.

Some of the strongest features of iThemes Security are the ability to detect weak passwords, vulnerabilities in other plugins you are using, or obsolete software. The free version of the plugin is very limited, but one of the pro versions we will recommend is just $80 per year and will offer you so much. This version will provide you with locking out bad users, 2FA and password protection, backups, and more. 

Features that make iThemes Security great:

  • Highly personalized offering with more than 30 ways of protection;
  • File change detection that sends notifications in case of any troubles;
  • 404 error detection;
  • Regular backups;
  • Option to add  Google reCAPTCHA integration and more.

All In One WP Security & Firewall

All In One WP Security & Firewall is another easy-to-use security plugin that will give you all the protection you need. You will be able to access their very helpful support. The plugins are highly visual and will show you everything you need to know in graphs and stats that anyone can understand. 

The plugin has 3 security features categories — Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. Depending on the size of your site and what you need as a protection level. It will offer you features like blocking attack attempts, protecting user accounts and data, advanced registration security, file security, etc. 

Features that make All In One WP Security & Firewall great:

  • You can add users to a blacklist;
  • Regular backups and easy restoring tool you can use;
  • Detailed statistics with graphics; 
  • The plugin is completely free; 
  • Stop unauthorized logins;
  • Comment spam filter and much more.

Final thoughts

Ensuring the security of your site should be one of your main priorities. If someone manages to break through, this can cause you a lot of trouble getting your site back and restoring everything. Also, if you are storing customer data, you might also put them at risk. So, you shouldn't neglect your security and protect yourself and your clients as much as possible. Using one of the plugins we mentioned is definitely a way to do it. Choose the one that fits your needs and budget and don't wait — install it and protect yourself.

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