Friday, February 23, 2024


WordPress strengthens security with latest update

Learn how the latest WordPress update, version 6.4.2, tackles a critical security vulnerability to provide better website protection.

Critical security breach in popular WordPress plugin impacts over 200,000 installations

Learn about the critical security flaw in the MW WP Form WordPress plugin affecting over 200,000 sites and how to protect your website effectively.

WordPress plugin vulnerability impacts over 100,000 sites

A critical update for the WordPress Accelerated Mobile Pages plugin addresses a security flaw impacting over 100,000 sites, underscoring the importance of regular updates.

Automattic expands its reach by buying

Automattic, the parent company of WordPress, acquires, an all-in-one messaging platform. The acquisition paves the way for streamlined digital communication, tackling "appnesia" and offering a unified solution.

WordPress 6.4 boosts website speed through enhanced script loading

WordPress 6.4 significantly improves website speed by introducing intelligent script loading features, offering website developers and visitors a smoother, faster experience.

Plesk vs cPanel: Which control panel is better for you?

Dive deep into the essential differences between Plesk and cPanel, the two leading web hosting control panels, and discover the ideal solution for your unique web hosting needs.

Best premium and free WordPress plugins for SEO in 2022

Here are some of the best WordPress SEO plugins for 2022 that will become your indispensable partner

8 useful WordPress features you probably didn’t know about

Find out about 8 very handy features of WordPress that you might never hear about before