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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Top 6 reasons why Airfree air sterilisers might be what you need this Lunar New Year

The right air purifier can help safeguard your health



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So you've been washing your hands and using hand sanitizer religiously, masking up as much as possible, and avoiding crowds. Is there anything else you can do to keep yourself and those around you safe and healthy during these COVID-19 times, especially during the lunar new year?

A good air steriliser may make a big difference in your life by decreasing allergens like pollen and mold spores and protecting you from pet dander and other types of allergens. However, to be considered great, an air steriliser must be powerful enough to clean the air in the living room or playroom, quiet and dark enough for you to sleep near it in a bedroom, and affordable enough that you can have a few scattered throughout your home.

Read on to find out why Airfree's air sterilisers are suitable for your modern Singapore home and how they work to protect the health of you and your loved ones.

1. Relieves symptoms of asthma

Asthmatic people have irritated bronchial passages. In addition, pollutants such as pet dander, pollen, and dust mites irritate their airways, making breathing difficult.

Many breeds of dogs and cats are shed throughout the year. When these creatures scratch themselves, they spread a lot of fur and dander into the air. Even if you don't have pets, other asthma triggers such as pollen and dust mites exist.

Pollen particles are carried in by the breeze through open windows or attached to your clothing outside. Dust mites, which thrive in humid environments, are the most prevalent indoor allergies. The lack of fresh air raises interior humidity levels, creating an ideal breeding habitat for dust mites. They feed on dead skin cells and proliferate rapidly in your bed, carpet, and other upholstered furnishings.

Although vacuuming your bed, carpet, and floors can remove some of these contaminants, others remain floating in the air. Breathing in dirty air raises the likelihood of an asthma attack.

The Airfree air sterilisers work with highly efficient TSS air-sterilization technology, inspired by the boiling water sterilization process, utilizes heat to purify the air, silently and without filters, eliminating microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and pollen, among others. 

2. Clean the air by destroying the COVID-19 virus

With TSS Technology, Airfree air sterilisers are effective against bacteria, viruses, mildew, mold, dust mite allergens, pet allergens, pollen, and tobacco odours. A recent scientific test conducted by MRIGlobal, a world leader in technology and science, demonstrated the usefulness of Airfree's exclusive TSS Technology in the process of COVID-19 deactivation.

This test yielded an unprecedented virus reduction rate and demonstrated Airfree's efficiency in eradicating SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

The revolutionary heated ceramic core has been tested and verified to eliminate all germs, including viruses. COVID-19, like most viruses, is heat-sensitive; consequently, exposing it to high temperatures results in efficient inactivation.

3. Neutralizes unpleasant odours

The human nose can detect and distinguish thousands of scents, even if exposed to tiny amounts of airborne chemicals. Everyone has different habits regarding hygiene and domestic cleanliness, but the foul odours that you cannot seem to eradicate are not simply happenstance. Instead, they result from chemical compounds in the air, whose volatility makes them noticeable to your senses. According to the CDC, these nasty smells are not only a nuisance but represent tangible air pollution capable of causing adverse health effects.

An air steriliser may solve some of these unwanted scents by removing particles that cause odour from indoor air circulation. The Airfree Duo takes air-purifying a step further by combining the company's patented TSS technology with odour eliminator capsule, which can be turned on to remove cooking smells and other irritating odours from your indoor environment.

Moreover, the Airfree air steriliser emits no ions and is the only one on the market proven to reduce ozone concentration in the atmosphere.

4. Improves sleep so you will feel rejuvenated 

Allergens found indoors, such as germs, fungi, and dust mites can cause allergies or hay fever. Hay fever is characterized by a runny nose that might linger for several weeks. Common allergy symptoms include frequent sneezing, coughing, nose congestion, watery eyes, and a sore throat, which can interrupt your sleep.

Top 6 reasons why Airfree air sterilisers might be what you need this Lunar New Year - 1

Inadequate sleep produces daytime tiredness, which reduces the following day. To avoid these sleep disruptions, use a good air steriliser to clean out most allergens in your room. As a result, a better night's sleep is provided by cleaner air.

Airfree Babyair features a one-of-a-kind star and moon night light projection that produces a pleasant and relaxing interactive environment for newborns, children, and parents. While the Airfree Tulip is also designed to improve your child's sleep quality by cleaning the air they breathe, and offering a selection of 10 night light colors, the intensity or simply select the ‘random' mode and let the colors alternate softly for your child.

5. Functions like a decorative home accessory

If clean homes are happy homes, a beautiful air steriliser can transform any living room into a tranquil haven. Because the quality-enhancing device will not only cleanse your rooms of airborne contaminants, but it will also look great while doing it. No matter the size or style of your home, the Airfree Lotus and Airfree Tulip, brighten up your home with the of a stylish flower and double as a beautiful decorative element this lunar new year.

Top 6 reasons why Airfree air sterilisers might be what you need this Lunar New Year - 3

6. Convenient and require no maintenance

The Airfree steriliser is a filterless air steriliser that sanitizes a room by removing harmful particles and allergens from the air. This filterless technology is an ingenious technology in air sterilisers since it works just as well as filtered air sterilisers. Still, you save a lot of money because you don't have to replace the filters every six to twelve months. Unfortunately, High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters can be rather expensive, and replacements for specific models may be difficult to come by.

Top 6 reasons why Airfree air sterilisers might be what you need this Lunar New Year - 2

Even if you use a filterless air steriliser all day, it will run silently. Also, because these cleaners don't have built-in fans, they don't produce extraneous noise. So they're perfect for bedrooms or nurseries. Filterless models are also extremely simple to care for and maintain. 

Fresh air and good hygiene

According to research, air filtering can help eliminate dangerous particles from indoor environments, such as allergies, smoke, and mold.

Nonetheless, air sterilisers operate best when combined with effective hygiene and house cleaning practices. An air steriliser will not improve indoor air quality on its own, but it can undoubtedly help you protect your loved ones this lunar new year.

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