XL Axiata and Google Cloud partner up to serve the Indonesian market

XL Axiata and Google Cloud partner up to serve the Indonesian market

XL Axiata – Indonesia’s second-largest mobile operator – announced on Tuesday that it has entered a dual-strategy partnership with Google Cloud to not only further their digitalizing endeavours but to also support the country’s accelerating efforts towards digitalizing their economy.

Similarly, Google Cloud announced in a press release on June 9 that one of the strategies of the partnership would see XL Axiata shift 70% of its operations to the cloud within the coming three years while it proceeds to adopt the Anthos Google Kubernetes Engine at its on-site data centres. These strategies would make it cost-efficient for XL Axiata to enhance the cloud competencies of its data centres and cloud-based resources.

Commenting on the Anthos integration, XL Axiata’s Chief Information and Digital Officer, Yessie D Yosetya shared that “XL Axiata is committed to the modernization of our infrastructure to get more business agility and increase application deployment velocity. Anthos was a natural fit as it lets us adopt containers while letting Google, a leader in Kubernetes, manage our container infrastructure for us.”

Megawaty Khie, Country Director of Google Cloud Indonesia agreed with the amalgamation noting that “With Anthos, we’re providing a consistent platform for XL Axiata to deploy workloads both on-premises and in the cloud so they can accelerate their own digital transformation.” 

The partnership’s second strategic approach has to do with capitalising on XL Axiata’s position as a Google Cloud Interconnect Parter to drive and support Indonesia’s technological advancement at a more national level. The aim is to provide the Indonesian market with reliable tools and infrastructure to transfer data between XL Axiata’s five data centers and Google’s global network.

In pursuit of unmatched reliability, resilience, and data protection that is offered by cloud services, there is an increasing demand from businesses in Indonesia to incorporate cloud-based strategies in their operations.

With XL Axiata being an Interconnect Partner, the partnership can provide businesses with the reassurance that these services will run smoothly because the traffic between on-site networks and Google Cloud occurs within XL Axiata’s private network. Consequently, this would mitigate the occurrence of traffic lapses, and improved security as well as management functionality.

Ms Khie closes the announcement by acknowledging that given the global pursuit of digital advancement focusing on cloud capabilities, the partnership between XL Axiata and Google represents a “win-win collaboration.”

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