6 eye-opening facts about phishing scams

6 eye-opening facts about phishing scams [Infographic]

Phishing is one of the most reliable and commonly used methods a would-be hacker can take over your digital accounts or even your bank account. These kinds of attacks are also becoming more frequent and more sophisticated over the years.

With the rapid growth of digital platforms and our reliance on them, the capacity for these platforms has also expanded so much so that they can also be used as a tool for scammers looking to steal your information, identity, money or whatever else they can benefit from.

Most of the common and well-known online phishing scam is the Nigerian email scam which is often cited as an example. But still, unscrupulous scammers continue to come up with innovative ways to lure unsuspecting users into leaking out information. And as such, it’s worth staying up to date to ensure you don’t fall into such traps.

To help with this, Exabytes have put together this infographic which outlines some of the latest scams, and what you need to watch for.

6 eye-opening facts about phishing scams
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