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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Ayudante acquires Singapore-based Sparkline, boosting tech investment

Ayudante's acquisition of Sparkline marks a pivotal development in Singapore's tech start-up ecosystem, promising increased global investments and regional growth.



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Ayudante, a leader in digital marketing and digital measurement consulting from Japan, announced its acquisition of Singapore's Sparkline, making it a wholly-owned subsidiary. This strategic move underscores the value of Singapore's tech start-up ecosystem and is expected to boost investor confidence significantly.

Sparkline, known for its pioneering role as a Certified Partner and Reseller of Google Analytics, has joined forces with Ayudante, which shares a similar distinction in Japan. This acquisition is celebrated as a robust exit strategy for Sparkline, highlighting the potential within Singapore's tech landscape for successful start-up ventures and attracting global investors.

Expanding digital frontiers in a dynamic market

Singapore's commitment to fostering innovation and its robust information technology infrastructure make it an attractive hub for digital services and data analytics. The between Ayudante and Sparkline is poised to enhance Singapore's position as a centre for digital transformation and innovation.

Hiroshi Yasukawa, CEO of Ayudante, expressed his enthusiasm for the new : “I am pleased to be partnered with Sparkline, which has the longest history in our business field in Singapore. Together, we aim to become the top GMP reseller in the Asia Pacific region.”

Ayudante acquires Singapore-based Sparkline, boosting tech investment - 1

Aleetza Senn, CEO and founder of Sparkline, also highlighted the strategic alignment with Ayudante: “Sparkline has always been about providing bespoke and agnostic analytics services to businesses using digital data for customer and marketing growth. This alignment with Ayudante is really exciting and helps us scale that vision to many more businesses in the region, especially at a time when the industry is being disrupted due to privacy regulations and change.”

Future collaboration to drive regional growth

This partnership extends beyond Google Analytics to encompass SEO and digital marketing across multiple languages. Both companies are set to collaborate on enhancing data development and automation related to digital marketing services in the era of GenAI, setting the stage for cutting-edge technological advancements.

Following the acquisition, Naohiro Yamaura, COO of Ayudante, will become the Chairman of the Board at Sparkline, bringing his extensive experience and leadership from Japan's Google Marketing Platform sector to the Singapore market. Yamaura, an accomplished author of eight books on the subject, will work closely with Senn to accelerate Sparkline's growth and presence in Asia.

The names of both companies will remain unchanged, and the terms of the acquisition have not been publicly disclosed. This strategic acquisition promises to leverage local expertise and client relationships, unlocking new opportunities in the East and Southeast Asian markets.

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Nurin Sofia
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