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Black Desert reveals Major Content Update Plans at CalpheON Episode 2


Pearl Abyss announced plans for new Black Desert content updates, as well as revealing a new class at the global user event “CalpheON Episode 2” held on March 26. 

The new, long-awaited “Drakania” class was first introduced alongside a series of new trailers. A descendant of a legendary dragon, Drakania wields the Slayer and her sub-weapon the Shard, which can be detached from the Slayer to absorb energy from enemies. Adventurers can start pre-creating the new class on March 30 before she emerges from the Mountain of Eternal Winter on April 6.   

Balenos will also be revamped with a number of improvements made. This will include a renewed main questline and new cutscenes, which will help new Adventurers adapt to the game by explaining their characters' motives for starting their adventures and allowing them to choose their own quest path. The visual quality of NPCs and Bosses will also be remastered to increase the overall quality of the game and create a more realistic gameplay experience. 

Monster zones will additionally undergo major changes: Elvia Realm monster zones will be balanced to allow Adventurers to reap the same rewards when hunting, regardless of monster zone, and there will also be new Calpheon Elvia Realm monster zones, and personal monster zones for private use. Moreover, Adventurers will also be able to access Elvia Realm monster zones on all servers.  

The CalpheON event continued with other exciting announcements such as quality-of-life improvements, new outfits, Carrack skins, tier 5 pets, and in-game audio updates, followed by a Q&A session. User events also took place with a variety of exclusive items on offer.    

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Nurin Sofia
Nurin Sofia
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