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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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Delta Emulator to change its logo after Adobe’s legal concerns

Delta Emulator is changing its logo to avoid legal issues with Adobe, after similarities were noted between their respective logos.

Delta Emulator is set to replace its current logo with a new after Adobe raised concerns about potential trademark infringement. The software company noticed similarities between its stylised “A” and Delta's stylised letter “D.”

On May 7, Adobe contacted Delta Emulator with a friendly yet firm request, suggesting that the similarity between the two logos might lead to consumer confusion and potentially infringe Adobe's rights. Although the message did not explicitly mention legal action or use the word “infringement,” the implication was clear.

The situation escalated quickly when, on May 8, Delta received a communication from , indicating that Adobe had reported potential intellectual property rights violations. In response, Delta Emulator's lead, Testut, explained to both Apple and Adobe that their logo represented the Greek letter delta, not the letter “A.” Despite this clarification, Delta chose to proceed with a logo change to avoid any further confusion or legal issues.

Temporary and future changes

Currently, Delta Emulator users will notice a temporary logo in both the App Store and AltStore. This interim logo will be in place until the release of Delta 1.6, which will feature the final new logo. Testut and his team are actively working on this redesign to ensure it stands apart from Adobe's established brand identity.

Adobe's own logo, designed in 1982 with a stylised triangle and a distinctive gap, has been iconic to the brand, especially since the introduction of its negative space version in 1993. These design choices have been a long-standing part of Adobe's visual identity, making it a sensitive matter when similar elements appear in other companies' logos.

Despite the initial lack of perceived similarity by some users, Delta Emulator has decided that a proactive change is the best path forward, illustrating the complexities of trademark protection in the digital age.

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