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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Delta Emulator to change its logo after Adobe’s legal concerns

Delta Emulator is changing its logo to avoid legal issues with Adobe, after similarities were noted between their respective logos.

Enhance your video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro’s new AI tools

Unlock endless creativity with Adobe Premiere Pro's AI tools. Edit, enhance, and generate videos effortlessly. Coming soon!

Adobe’s latest innovation: GenStudio, an AI hub for advertising

Discover Adobe's new GenStudio, an AI-powered ad creation platform announced at the Adobe Summit, set to transform marketing campaigns.

Adobe Acrobat unveils AI assistant for enhanced document interaction

Adobe Acrobat's AI Assistant - a beta feature transforming document interaction with summarisation, Q&A, and more for subscribers.

Discover the new Adobe Elements 2024 for Photoshop & Premiere

Explore the newly unveiled Adobe Elements 2024 for Photoshop & Premiere, boasting enhanced AI features and a revamped user interface for a simplified editing experience.

Meet Adobe’s Project Primrose, the dress that redesigns itself every second

Adobe's Project Primrose is a ground-breaking interactive dress showcased at Adobe MAX 2023, offering endless design possibilities through its non-emissive textile technology.

Adobe brings generative AI to Photoshop’s web version

Adobe launches web-based Photoshop with built-in AI features, offering convenience and enhanced creativity.

ASUS announces comprehensive creator and OLED solutions with Windows 11

Latest innovations enhance workflows and boost productivity for all kinds of content creators