Epic Games is asking users to enable two-factor authentication to redeem free games

by Hugo Hsu

Epic Games will, from time to time, require customers to enable two-factor verification before they can redeem free games on its storefront between today and May 21, 2020. It aims to encourage players to take steps to improve their Epic account security, the firm wrote in a blog post.

Two-factor authentication basically requires one to confirm his/her identity while logging into an account using a PIN that is sent to his/her phone number or email address. You can activate two-factor verification on Epic account in the settings of your account.

Having two-factor verification activated provides extra security measures to prevent a user account from being compromised if the password is stolen.

In January last year, a security flaw in Fortnite enabled cybercriminals to access the Epic Games accounts of users who clicked on a suspicious link. Recently, Nintendo acknowledged that over 160,000 accounts were affected in hacking attempts, which started early this April.

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