Four Key Features about “Kingdom of War” That You Should Know

Since the soft launch, Kingdom of War has received several positive reviews from gamers of participating countries which include Australia, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, etc. GAMEVIL and Play Earth have recently announced the global launch of this game which features a fast-paced combat system mixed with a plethora of acquirable characters to use in battle. This game requires players to micro-manage a team of 4 unique allies, as they embark on an epic journey with challenging quests to fight against evil.

Other than its impressive graphics and realistic animations, this game has four key features which make it unique:

#1 Summon Allies and Expand The Team

Kingdom of War 1

Players can collect ally fragment pieces in the game and summon powerful allies to assist them in battle. Summoned allies range from one to six stars and each has five unique abilities which can be unlocked as they evolve. Once the player has obtained enough ally fragments, they can either summon new ally or evolve the current ally to the next star level.

#2 Strategize with Tactical Mode

Kingdom of War 2

Players can take control of their party as they strategically plan out their moves with Tactical Mode. Tactical Mode is one of the unique game features that freezes the battle and allows players to take absolute control over the movement, skills, and attacks of their allies. It allows players to position their allies in combat optimally, enabling them to target specific enemies or navigate around enemy abilities. Players can also switch between camera views, fixed or free, allowing them to have even more control over allies in real-time.

#3 Grow Stronger with Powerful Items

Kingdom of War 3

In the conquest to fight against evil, players can collect various items for allies to use in battle. Each ally can equip up to eight pieces of equipment which can be gathered through the Explore game mode or purchased from the in-game shop. Just like any other RPG games, players can also upgrade their gears by enhancing them to level 5 which will allow them to be evolved, increasing its core stats and overall combat power of the upgraded item.

#4 Join a Kingdom and Conquer All

Kingdom of War 4

In Kingdom of War, players can join a ‘Kingdom’ with up to 50 other players globally. Joining a ‘Kingdom’ will unlock two additional game modes.

Guild Raid

The Raid mode will require players to take a customized four-man group into battle against an epic Dragon Raid boss. While there is no participation limit within this game mode, once an ally is used in combat, or if an ally dies in battle, they cannot be used until the next day. Inflicting damage on to the raid boss will earn players both Kingdom and Individual points which are used to decide the type of reward they will receive.

Conquest Battle

Conquest Battle is Kingdom of War’s ultimate PvP experience. Players will fight with their kinsman against Kingdoms from all over the world in real time to claim the ultimate glory within this mode. The objective is pretty simple; that is to claim as many territories on the map during the three-week period.

Available for three hours daily, Conquest Battle will pit eight Kingdoms against one another on the unique Contest Map. Players will then battle it out to take control over territories, while AI players attempt to steal back the territories.

In this mode, members of the Kingdom must navigate the map, attacking neutral and enemy bases to expand their territories within the Kingdom. While navigating the Conquest Battle map, resources will be depleted anytime a move or attack is made. Players can earn additional resources based on the number of zones that they have conquered.

And at the end of the three-week season, all participating Kingdoms will then be rewarded, and top ranks will be promoted to the next league tier.

Kingdom of War is available now on GooglePlay and App Store worldwide!

Kingdom of War Gameplay

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