GOJEK partners with Esso and DBS for driver perks

GOJEK partners with Esso and DBS for driver perks

GOJEK drivers will be able to enjoy discounts of at least 20 percent when refueling their cars at any of Esso’s 61 service stations across the island from 1 April onwards. This move is part of the company’s latest strategic partnership with Esso and DBS, aiming to lower the operating costs for driver-partners which also help to provide better earnings stability.

In addition, active GOJEK drivers (those who complete the most number of trips in a quarter) will also be provided with additional fuel rebates of up to 12 percent. Those that pay for their fuel using a DBS or POSB debit card will get rebates as well.

With the mission to improve the benefits of all GOJEK driver-partners, the Indonesian ride-hailing firm has rolled up several initiatives which include Gigacover earlier in February. Gigacover is an insurance scheme for drivers who have to take extended medical leave, aiming to help make up for their lost earnings.

Under the plan, all GOJEK drivers will receive a fixed earnings protection coverage of S$80 a day, for up to 21 days of medical leave and up to 84 days of hospitalization leave.

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