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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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Google Sheets introduces one-click table formatting, delighting Excel switchers

Google Sheets' new feature allows one-click table formatting, streamlining data management, and exciting users familiar with Excel.

Google has unveiled a new formatting feature in Google Sheets that allows users to create neatly formatted tables with a single click—an enhancement long available in Excel. This update is particularly exciting for those who have managed complex spreadsheets over the years and is expected to streamline tasks significantly.

The new feature enables users to convert a block of data into a self-contained table equipped with its own filters and sorting rules. This is a significant improvement for long-time users like myself, who have maintained shared budget spreadsheets for years and previously had to set up filters and sort manually. The update simplifies these processes, allowing for quicker and more efficient data .

Enhanced features and usability

Upon using this new feature, which can be accessed by selecting a block of data and clicking Format > Convert to Table, Google Sheets will automatically apply filters to each column and add visual separators to the rows. This eliminates the need for manually formatting each row, which is a common chore in spreadsheet management.

Additionally, the update introduces automatically formatted column types and simplifies the creation of drop-down menus. A new table menu also allows users to create specific filter combinations for the entire table or adjust the range of data it covers. Another notable addition is the “Create group by view” option, which organises data into groups based on column filters, such as priority levels.

Ready for rollout

Google has also tailored table templates for common tasks like project management, inventory management, and event planning, adding to the versatility of this feature. While the new tables feature is rolling out gradually, some users will see it by May 30th, with a complete roll-out expected by June 6th.

This update is part of Google's ongoing efforts to enhance the and functionality, making Google Sheets an increasingly powerful tool for personal and professional use.

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