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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Hon Hai Technology Group will build an advanced computing centre on NVIDIA’s Blackwell platform

Hon Hai Technology Group will build an advanced computing centre in Taiwan using NVIDIA’s Blackwell platform and AI technology for smart solutions.



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Hon Hai Technology Group, known as Foxconn, has unveiled plans to establish an advanced computing centre in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. This new facility will be based on NVIDIA's Blackwell platform, marking a significant step in the company's technological advancement.

Key details from Computex 2024

During Computex 2024, Foxconn's Chairman and CEO, Young Liu, revealed that the computing centre would feature super-chip GB200 servers. These servers will include 64 racks and 4,608 GPUs. The centre is expected to be fully operational by 2026, showcasing Foxconn's commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology into its operations.

Leveraging NVIDIA's AI technology

Foxconn will employ NVIDIA's technology, such as the NVIDIA Omniverse, to create digital twins and introduce platforms for intelligent manufacturing, innovative electric vehicles, and . This collaboration will enhance the development of electric cars, smart factories, robotics, and smart cities. For instance, combining image recognition technology and Foxconn's autonomous mobile robots (AMR) will optimise capacity utilisation in the intelligent manufacturing sector. This initiative will also support the planning production lines for AI servers and EV assembly plants.

NVIDIA's founder and CEO, Jensen Huang, highlighted the significance of this partnership by stating, “A new era of computing has dawned, fuelled by surging global demand for generative AI data centres. Foxconn stands at the forefront as a leading supplier of NVIDIA computing and a trailblazer in applying generative AI in manufacturing and robotics. Leveraging NVIDIA Omniverse and Isaac robotics platforms, Foxconn is harnessing cutting-edge AI and digital twin technologies to construct their advanced computing centre in Kaohsiung.”

A new benchmark AI factory

Foxconn's subsidiary, Foxtron, is also making strides with its new Qiaotou automotive manufacturing facilities. Currently under construction, this site aims to set a new standard as an AI-driven factory. The facility will utilise digital twin technology connected to cloud systems, ensuring seamless collaboration between virtual and physical production lines. Real-time digital monitoring will uphold manufacturing excellence, particularly for electric buses, which are currently in high demand.

This advanced computing centre signifies Foxconn's commitment to leading technological innovation and integrating advanced AI solutions into its operations. The partnership with NVIDIA strengthens Foxconn's capabilities and positions it as a pioneer in the AI and manufacturing sectors.

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