In brief: Splunk acquires cloud monitoring service SignalFx for US$1.05B

by Smarty
  • Splunk, the publicly traded data processing and analytics company, today announced that it has acquired SignalFx for a total price of about US$1.05 billion.
  • Approximately 60% of this will be in cash and 40% in Splunk common stock.
  • The companies expect the acquisition to close in the second half of 2020.
  • SignalFx, which emerged from stealth in 2015, provides real-time cloud monitoring solutions, predictive analytics and more.
  • Upon close, Splunk argues, this acquisition will allow it to become a leader “in observability and APM for organizations at every stage of their cloud journey, from cloud-native apps to homegrown on-premises applications.”
  • Indeed, the acquisition will likely make Splunk a far stronger player in the cloud space as it expands its support for cloud-native applications and the modern infrastructures and architectures those rely on.

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