One-Punch Man [Android]: Road to Hero 2.0

by Hugo Hsu

One-Punch Man: Road to Hero 2.0 is the idle game that you would want to play if you love this series. The game seamlessly combines the idea of a card game with an idle strategy experience. The main idea here is that you want to assemble a team and destroy the enemies that come your way. They did an excellent job of bringing in unique, simplistic idle game ideas to continually make you come back to the game and play more and more.

Unique, dynamic battles

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The game showcases a variety of enemies that you can battle and engage as quickly as possible. The cool part here is that you can mix and match heroes and various beings to create formations. These formations will bring in lots of unique combos, and that alone will lead to plenty of cool moments all the time.

Dedicated story mode

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In the story mode for One-Punch Man: Road to Hero 2.0, you will go through the city to eliminate Saitama’s enemies. You will eventually reach Saitama himself, continually growing and evolving the team to where they can battle enemies properly.

Extreme trial gameplay

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They added a unique game mode named the endless tower, where you will need to try and go as high as possible while beating all the enemies. This challenge is similar to the Mortal Kombat towers since you need to use all your expertise to work hard and eliminate those enemies. It’s not something simple or easy to use, and it will require a lot of trial and error to win.

PVP battles

What you will like about One-Punch Man: Road to Hero 2.0 is that it also encourages you to improve your team and battle other players. This strategy is an excellent approach because it offers you a challenge to get better and better all the time constantly. It’s different, easy to enjoy, and you always want to push things to new heights no matter the situation. 

Unique characters

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You can use a variety of abilities acquired by your team, and you will find a whole lot of enemies to battle all the time. The cool thing is that you can combine attacks if you want. Enemies can be very powerful, and they can have hundreds of levels, which means you will need a more specific approach. 

City mode

The game has a city mode where you can complete challenges, daily tasks, and so on. You can also recruit new heroes here, making it easy to improve your team and battle all the enemies.


As a whole, One-Punch Man: Road to Hero 2.0 is a very intense and fun game. It’s rewarding, full of creative ideas, and it always encourages you to try out something new. The battles are pretty intense, you have a lot of ways to engage enemies, and the gameplay is enjoyable. It can become a bit grindy the more you play, but it’s still a very intense and fun experience for all gamers.

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