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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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Proton introduces Pass Monitor for enhanced password security

Proton launches Pass Monitor, a new security tool for Proton Pass users, enhancing password safety with dark web monitoring and health analytics.

Proton, known for its emphasis on privacy and security, has recently expanded its suite of services with the launch of Pass Monitor, a tool designed to enhance the safety of your online credentials. This new feature comes as an addition to the Proton Pass password manager, furthering the company's mission to secure digital identities against emerging cyber threats.

Pass Monitor is set to transform how you manage and secure your passwords by offering dark web monitoring and password analytics. It alerts you immediately if any of your passwords are found on the dark web, a feature aimed at preventing potential breaches before they happen. Additionally, the tool assesses the strength of your passwords and notifies you about accounts that lack multi-factor authentication, ensuring you have robust protections in place.

This new feature integrates seamlessly with Proton Mail's recently introduced dark web monitoring capabilities. Subscribers to Proton's top-tier plans will also have access to Proton Sentinel, a service that enhances account security by alerting users about potential risks and breaches, thereby fortifying their defences against cyber attacks.

Son Nguyen, Proton's Director of Product, highlighted the importance of Pass Monitor, stating, “Proton Pass was developed to make robust security accessible to everyone, and with the introduction of Pass Monitor, we're elevating that commitment Pass Monitor allows users to evaluate the security status of their online credentials and provides immediate alerts if their data is compromised.” He emphasised the proactive approach of Pass Monitor in preparing users against phishing attacks that often follow such breaches, thereby safeguarding their digital identities.

Pass Monitor identifies weak passwords that could easily be compromised through brute-force attacks. It also alerts users to reused passwords, which, if leaked, could compromise multiple accounts. This feature underscores the necessity of maintaining diligent password hygiene to avoid potential security pitfalls.

While the dark web monitoring service is exclusive to paid plan subscribers, Pass Monitor's password health functionalities will benefit all Proton Pass users. This inclusivity ensures that all users, regardless of their subscription level, can maintain a higher level of security for their online accounts.

With the rise of sophisticated social engineering and phishing campaigns by threat actors, the need for robust digital identity has never been more critical. Pass Monitor addresses this by enabling users to create unique email addresses for each account, preventing attackers from accessing their real email addresses, and adding an extra layer of security.

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