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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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Rumours and expectations: Your guide to Nvidia’s upcoming 5000 series GPUs

Explore what you can expect from Nvidia's upcoming 5000 series GPUs, including potential release dates, rumoured specs, and performance enhancements.

As Nvidia wraps up its releases for the current generation of graphics cards, you might be hearing more about the highly anticipated Nvidia 5000 series. Expected to launch around the end of 2024 to early 2025, this series promises significant technological advancements and aims to address the high pricing issues noted in the Lovelace RTX series.

You may have experienced or heard about the Lovelace RTX series' mixed performance results. While its enthusiast and premium mid-range models have generally excelled, the steep prices have kept the higher-end cards out of reach for many gamers. This backdrop sets a scene of both excitement and caution as you look forward to what the 5000 series might bring.

Based on Nvidia's typical 18- to 24-month release cadence and considering the slight easing of the global chip shortage, you could see the Nvidia 5000 series as early as mid-2024. However, keep in mind that these details are still in the realm of speculation until officially confirmed.

The upcoming GPUs are rumoured to be based on the Nvidia Blackwell architecture, which you might also know as Lovelace-Next. Leaks from sources like Chiphell and insights from known leakers suggest that the series could see a reshuffle in the numbering of models from the Nvidia RTX 5090 Ti to the RTX 5050.

A notable potential development is the adoption of a multi-chiplet module (MCM) design. While this design is confirmed for Nvidia's commercial-grade GB100 GPU, whether it will feature in the 5000 series remains uncertain. Such a design could significantly boost performance, keeping Nvidia competitive with and Intel.

Speculative details from the Chiphell forum indicate that the RTX 5090 might offer substantial performance enhancements over the RTX 4090. If these rumours prove accurate, you could expect performance up to 1.7 times faster than its predecessor, signalling a massive leap forward.

As more information becomes available, keep an eye on details like the fabrication process, core counts, clock speeds, and the official lineup of GPU models. There's also lingering anticipation about more releases within the Lovelace series, particularly the budget-friendly RTX 4050.

As the potential release window approaches, the buzz around Nvidia's next-generation GPUs is set to grow, potentially reshaping the landscape with enhanced performance and new technological standards.

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