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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

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Salesforce launches new AI and data innovations to bridge the trust gap in ASEAN

Salesforce introduces trusted AI and data solutions in ASEAN, including Einstein Copilot and Tableau Pulse, to address the AI trust gap and enhance enterprise AI adoption with robust data integrations and innovations.

Salesforce has announced the rollout of new AI and data solutions to foster greater trust and accelerate AI adoption among enterprises in and across ASEAN. The suite of tools, including Einstein , Tableau Pulse, and Slack AI, are now generally available, with Einstein Copilot for Tableau debuting in beta.

The launch addresses the prevalent AI trust gap that hampers technology uptake in the region. According to Salesforce's recent AI Trust Quotient, a significant proportion of workers in Singapore express scepticism towards the data underpinning AI, with 95% of those distrusting AI reluctant to use it. This suite of trusted AI and data solutions aims to overcome such hurdles by ensuring a reliable foundation for AI applications.

Innovations to support trusted AI deployment

Salesforce's new offerings are designed to instil confidence and enhance productivity through trusted AI. The introduction of Einstein Copilot across Singapore and ASEAN brings an AI-driven CRM assistant with advanced capabilities that streamline sales operations and foster generative AI adoption. Its added feature, Copilot Analytics, enables administrators to track and evaluate the use of AI, facilitating scaled and optimised deployment.

Salesforce launches new AI and data innovations to bridge the trust gap in ASEAN - 2
Image credit: Salesforce

Amidst these innovations, Salesforce has also launched the Zero Copy Partner Network. This network underpins secure, bidirectional, zero-copy integrations with the Salesforce Data Cloud. High-profile tech giants such as Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Databricks, Google Cloud, and Snowflake are inaugural partners, ensuring robust and secure data integrations that safeguard user data and promote governance across platforms.

Gavin Barfield, Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Solutions, at Salesforce ASEAN, highlighted the importance of these developments: “AI tools must draw on contextual and relevant company data and metadata to ensure useful and trusted outcomes. To become an AI enterprise, ASEAN businesses need to unlock their trapped data and build a strong and trusted data foundation,” he said. “As the trusted enterprise AI advisor to ASEAN businesses, we deliver trusted AI and data innovations to  unlock data and allow workers to harness generative AI in the flow of work to accelerate productivity and personalised customer experiences at scale.”

Expanding the ecosystem for enhanced data utility

The expanded partner ecosystem, powered by new data capabilities, now includes a broader range of technology and solution providers. These partners are integral to the Zero Copy Partner Network, which brings valuable new data sets to the Salesforce Data Cloud. Additionally, the network includes Salesforce ISV partners who are building Zero Copy Data Kits, and Salesforce SI partners like Accenture, Cognizant, Deloitte Digital, and PwC, who assist customers in configuring and optimising zero-copy Data Cloud implementations.

Cross-platform AI enhancements

Salesforce launches new AI and data innovations to bridge the trust gap in ASEAN - 1
Image credit: Salesforce

Beyond CRM, Salesforce's AI innovations extend to Tableau and Slack. Einstein Copilot for Tableau, currently in beta, offers a conversational, natural language-driven analytics experience, simplifying data analysis for users across various data sources. Tableau Pulse and Slack AI, both now generally available, improve decision-making and operational efficiency by providing insights in user-friendly formats and enhancing collaborative experiences through advanced AI capabilities.

These Salesforce initiatives aim to close the AI trust gap and empower ASEAN enterprises to leverage AI effectively, enhancing productivity and customer experiences through trusted, secure technological solutions.

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