Saving energy on all seasons

Saving energy on all seasons

If you are looking to lower your energy bill, start paying attention to your routines and notice wasteful habits you could change. Incorporating some energy-saving habits into your routine can not only help save money at the end of the month but also help the environment by reducing air and water pollution. 

Check out home energy-saving tips that you can add to your routine:

1. Defrost your freezer

If you notice ice buildup in your freezer, make sure to defrost it. Since ice can block your freezer’s temperature sensors and make it work hard to cool and waste energy. 

2. Use dishwasher more often

Using an energy-efficient dishwasher actually saves more water and energy than washing the dishes by hand with hot water, so start using your dishwasher more often. To save even more, air dry the dishes instead of using heated dry. 

3. Use smart plugs

There are a lot of devices that can help you save energy like smart plugs and power strips. They allow you to control and monitor your power usage through and turn off outlets to prevent wasting energy. 

4. Install low flow showerhead

If you noted that your routine includes taking hot showers, maybe it’s time to install a low-flow shower head. These shower heads will require less energy and water to funcion, and help you not waste energy.

5. Only wash full loads

Doing a lot of small loads of laundry can waste a lot of energy. If you start planning to wash full loads it can also be beneficial to save energy. Since washing a full load of laundry can help the machine perform better and cut down on the number of times you do laundry. 

6. Upgrade HVAC system

If you have an old HVAC system, and  your budget allows, upgrading it can cut some costs for you and your family. Since new HVAC systems are more energy efficient, it can be a good investment since it will help you save on the electricity bill every month. 

Check out HomeAdvisor’s infographic below for some more home energy-saving tips for every season: 

Saving energy on all seasons - Infographic
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