SEA eSports talent and media firm venturing to Vietnam in 2021

SEA eSports talent and media firm venturing to Vietnam in 2021

Video games have always been a massive thing in Southeast Asia. In fact, market research firm Niko Partners predicts that Southeast Asia’s revenue for PC and mobile games alone is going to grow to US$8.3 billion by 2023. As such, it’s not too surprising that several eSports companies are being born in the region. Ampverse being one of them.

Who is Ampverse?

Ampverse is an eSports talent and media firm that covers events and connects brands with promising eSports players in the region for various advertising opportunities. They work with a lot of big names like Samsung, Garnier, Shell, and Tesco Lotus. Ampverse didn’t start as an eSports firm. When they launched in 2019, they were an influencer management firm. They offered companies the opportunity to market their products using well-known internet names. But Ampverse saw an untapped marketing opportunity in the eSports market, so they shifted their priorities two months into their operations.

“We have partnered with over 200 influencers across a range of campaigns that resulted in 80% of customers being repeat buyers, says co-founder and chief commercial officer of Ampverse, Charlie Baillie. “This serves as proof that despite being new, gaming is a great channel for brands to start investing in.”

They mostly operate in Thailand, but they have plans to enter Vietnam in 2021, should it be safe to travel again.

Vietnam and eSports

Southeast Asia has a group called the “Big Six,” which comprises six countries that account for 99% of the region’s eSports revenue. Vietnam is one of them. Indeed, according to information about Vietnam on ExpatBets, the country is one of Southeast Asia’s fastest-growing economies. And while this is mainly due to private ownership in commerce and agriculture, eSports also plays a significant role. Digital entertainment solutions company Appota reports that the number of eSports players in Vietnam rose to 26 million last year. This is a significant amount, considering how there are around 32.8 million gamers in total in the country.

Plus, Vietnamese eSports players do very well in international tournaments. In 2018, Vietnam won second prize at the PUBG Southeast Asia Championship. In the same year, they also snagged the bronze medal in the 18th Asian Games, which featured titles like Arena of Valor, Pro Evolution Soccer, and Clash Royale. Plus, in last year’s Southeast Asian Games, Vietnam won three bronze medals in the eSports category.

With so many promising players and a robust gaming community, there’s no better place for Ampverse to expand to.

 Other projects by Ampverse

Aside from Vietnam, Ampverse has also begun the process of entering the Myanmar eSports market this year. They’re also eying Indonesia as a probable venture after Vietnam. Furthermore, the eSports firm is working on a talent recognition software platform to connect eSports players with brands.

eSports is a thriving market in the Southeast, and companies like Ampverse make the industry flourish more than ever. If you’re interested in moving into the profession, take a look at some of the best eSports titles of 2020 to help you get started.

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