Shadow Arena is now available via Steam Early Access

by Smarty

Pearl Abyss announced that its new hero action battle royale game Shadow Arena is now available in Early Access on Steam. After running several global Beta tests, Shadow Arena will continue to offer an improved gameplay experience that will continuously apply its users’ feedback. 

Based on the Black Desert universe, the game pits gamers against each other in a massive battlefield where they must fight using powerful magic and weapons to survive till the very end. During the match, gamers can also defeat strong monsters to collect valuable items and gain advantages to become the last hero standing. 

From today onwards, players can choose among the 10 Heroes, including the new Hero Venslar. Venslar offers a brand-new combat style to the battlefield, featuring a balanced kit of both offensive and defensive skills. This new Hero will let players experience strategic gameplay by choosing whether to focus on the attack or the defense.  

Various new features and content are also available throughout this Early Access period. Multiple difficulty levels have been introduced to the AI Matches to create an environment that suits each player’s skills. Each Hero now has Ultimate Skill levels that will make one skill more powerful than the others. Moreover, in-game areas now have different characteristics in terms of monster types and levels.   

In addition, players can buy Hero Skins that can be used to change the appearance of the Heroes. Heroes will also be available for purchase, and the new in-game emotes that have been included will also add more personality to them. Other updates like Daily Quests, Challenges, the Ancient Weapon Puturum, and the Suspicious Cauldron will help players looking to level up their Heroes.

Watch the official Early Access trailer here and visit the official websiteDiscordFacebookYouTube, and Twitter for more information.

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