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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Singapore government agencies to use a unified SMS identifier from July

From July 1, 2024, Singapore government SMS communications will use a single "" identifier, simplifying message identification and enhancing security.



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From July 1, 2024, all SMS communications from Singapore agencies will bear a single “” SMS sender ID. This change aims to help you identify authentic government messages and protect yourself from scams.

Previously, each government agency used its own unique sender ID, such as LTA, IRAS, CPF, HDB, and ICA. The new unified ID will simplify your identification process and ensure you know the message is genuinely from a government source.

In an official statement, the government emphasised that this new system will help combat impersonation scams. By using a single identifier, scammers will find it more challenging to spoof legitimate government messages. The government also highlighted that SMS remains an essential communication tool due to the widespread use of mobile phones in Singapore.

Security measures

The government has partnered with SMS aggregators and all telecom service providers in Singapore to further secure this new system. This collaboration ensures that malicious actors cannot spoof or misuse the “” SMS handle.

The transition to the new single SMS ID will begin on June 18, 2024, and is expected to be fully implemented by July 1, 2024.

Exceptions to the rule

Not all agencies will adopt the new, unified SMS identifier. Some government agencies and services will continue using their SMS identifiers due to the nature of their communications.

These exceptions include:

  • The Singapore Police Force will continue using the 71000 number for two-way SMS communications.
  • The Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) will retain the 72255 number for two-way SMS communications.
  • The Ministry of Home Affairs will continue using the 71999 and 70995 numbers for two-way SMS communications.
  • MHAalert will still be used for public emergencies.
  • The MHA NS identifier will be used for reminders related to NSMen, including ICT reservist call-ups and IPPT/NSFIT sessions.
  • Singapore Police Force NS call-ups will retain the 83395761 number for two-way SMS communications.
  • Singapore Civil Defence Force NS call-ups will continue using the 91449746 number for two-way SMS communications.
  • The Police 999 identifier will be used for emergencies where callers consent to receiving a video link for live footage during emergency calls.
  • SCDF 995 will be the SCDF equivalent of POLICE 999, continuing its function before July 1, 2024.

These agencies have specific operational needs that require them to maintain their existing SMS identifiers.

Learn more

For further information about this change and how it affects you, visit the official site at The government encourages everyone to stay informed and be vigilant about SMS communications to avoid falling victim to scams.

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