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Tuesday, June 25, 2024


Promising developments for Copilot+ PCs with new Snapdragon X chips

A new leak suggests Qualcomm may release more Snapdragon X chips, offering hope for improved performance in Copilot+ PCs.

AMD and Intel are left out of Copilot+ for now

AMD and Intel will receive Copilot+ features later, but they are currently limited to Snapdragon X Elite and Plus chips.

Microsoft makes changes to Recall following user outcry

Microsoft addresses privacy concerns by updating its Recall feature before launch, ensuring local storage, user control, and enhanced security measures.

New research highlights ChatGPT’s struggles in helping with coding tasks

New research from Purdue University reveals significant errors in ChatGPT's programming assistance, emphasising caution and calling for further study.

Microsoft introduces Copilot AI agents to revolutionise business automation

Microsoft introduces Copilot AI agents to revolutionise business automation, streamlining tasks efficiently and enhancing productivity.

Microsoft to unveil Surface devices powered by Snapdragon X Elite alongside Copilot updates

Microsoft will unveil new Surface devices with Snapdragon X Elite and Copilot updates at Build 2024, focusing on AI advancements and enhanced features.

Microsoft refines Copilot AI features in Windows 11 following user feedback

Microsoft pauses new Copilot AI features in Windows 11 to refine them based on user feedback, ensuring existing functionality.

GitHub Copilot evolves to assist from the start of a project

GitHub introduces Copilot Workspace, a new service designed to streamline project initiation for developers, enhancing coding efficiency from the start.